Veteran Cardinal Chastises Francis For Corrupting The Papacy

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He does it in his typical loyal cardinal way though.




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One thought on “Veteran Cardinal Chastises Francis For Corrupting The Papacy

  1. This comment is to “Veteran Cardinal Chastises Francis”.

    Is Francis acting unilaterally? Given his dictatorial, Peronist
    “tutorial” as a teen-ager, and further painted with the Latin
    American brush of “Liberation Theology”, YES! It is the
    ONLY way he knows how to act “at the end of the day”.

    Ya cain’t hide a leopard’s spots!

    On the other hand, a Vicar of Christ —a la St. Catherine of
    Siena —is limited only by his 24/7 contact with [abiding in,
    in communion with ] Christ Himself, the Head of His
    Mystical Body the Church . . beyond merely earthly
    politics and all time-bound personal preferences and
    habitual one-sidedness.

    If the Lay Faithful or Hierarchy neither see nor sense
    this in the current Vicar, they ought to either call our
    their Pope on this quintessential omission, or work to
    “bring him ’round” to his duty, or find themselves equally
    wandering away from their Divine Head, Jesus Christ.

    So, what is the measure for judging a true Vicar
    of Christ? Surely Venerable Fulton Sheen clinched it
    when he concluded that: “There are three rules of
    dealling with ALL those who come to us, 1/ Kindness.
    2/ Kindness. 3/ Kindness.” . . namely, the Gospel’s
    Truth AS FOUND IN the Gospel’s —Christ’s —CHARITY.

    But how can Francis display kindness, when he seems
    never to be in sync with Christ, his “Boss”, but, instead
    has been taking a kind of Deist position, where God
    (Christ) floats up in cyberspace somewhere, DETACHED
    from BOTH His Vicar and His People ??

    Anthony sums up this [ NON Ecclesial but political ]
    “up side down” mix of events neatly @13:30 — 13:52.

    Thank you once again for such detailed clarification; if
    only Francis knew the meaning of this word . . and
    DEED ! But no, he prefers instead to make the Lay
    Faithful to grope around in the exasperating and
    disheartening fog of AMBIGUITY !


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