Venomous Heretics Jubilantly Celebrate Francis’ Latest Wicked Act

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The perceived ‘death of the TLM’ has the usual suspects prancing in their rainbow leotards in the streets.



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4 thoughts on “Venomous Heretics Jubilantly Celebrate Francis’ Latest Wicked Act

  1. Once again, all evidence very well collated and put
    into context. That ancient question [ by Juvenal ?]
    from Roman Empire times pops into me head just
    now: “But who will guard the Guardians?” [ . . of
    Sovereign Constitutions . . Doctrine . . Wisdom ].

    Well . . YOU, for one, Anthony !

    So, we’ve been made strangers in our OWN HOME
    . . by Marxist gaslighting at its Diabolical worst !!
    . . leaving the image of an upside-down Crucifix,
    the DNA symbol of diabolically-possession. [ Fr.
    Ripperger, correct me on this if necessary ].

    ” . . We are not the ones to determine when and
    how we will encounter Him. The exact times
    and places of that encounter are not up to us
    [ to determine or guess at ]. Someone who
    presumes to control God’s transcendence.”
    (Guadete et Exultate, #41)

    . . you mean LIKE YOURSELF, Francis ? . .
    clear and sure about “compassion”, “mercy”,
    “accompaniment (as a GROUP!)” . . “guided
    by [ YOUR ] pre-conceptions”? . . you who,
    be clear and sure”, like the Specter of
    AMBIGUITY that you ARE ??

    Nothin’ doing, hanky-panky Frankie !

    Individual, personal confession to an ordained
    Priest IS THE CATHOLIC NORM . . where the
    penitent is accompanied by 1/ his/her own
    CONSCIENCE [ formed to Truth . . to the Way
    to the Life]; 2/ his/ her OWN GUARDIAN

    Marxists “double-image” reality [ . . in the case of
    the Church: Peter and the Keys; the Apostolic
    Succession; the Sacred Deposit of the Faith ] .
    Marxists relentlessly put OUT OF FOCUS
    legitimate [ according to Divine, Civil, Natural ]
    established Law . . all the while ‘gaslighting’ the
    scattered [ sad to say. ] faithful, with Hell-driven
    lying and darkness . . the very contrary of the
    Gospel norm: “Never hit a good man- or woman-
    when he’s down” . . the epitome of Satan’s cruelty
    and of his cowardice.

    As for Cupich? . . the craven little weasel !

    1. POSTSCRIPT; from my as-we-speak reading,
      here’s what certainly fits Bergoglio’s scenario:

      “And, if you’d like to measure just how PROFOUND
      A DISORDER this is, ” she [ Mother Pascalina Lehnert ]
      took a deep breath, “you have only to look at
      the once holy Mass!” She shook her head and
      closed her eyes, “If the Holy Father [ Pius XII,
      for whom she was secretary for 40 years ] could
      see what they’ve done to the sacrosanct Mass!
      I cannot speak of it without committing the sin
      of ANGER.” (Emphasis mine) —ch 34, “Back
      To Base”, The Godmother: Madre Pascalina,
      A Feminine Tour De Force, by Charles Theodore
      Murr/ 2017/ Centennial Anniversary of the
      Episcopal Consecration of Eugenio Pacelli
      ( future Pope Pius XII )

  2. This is becoming a tiresome subject because as far as I am aware Francis in his recent acts of desperation to dismantle and destroy the true Church of Christ, His Bride, has actually NOT acted under the rule of speaking Excathedra. Instead he is acting as a totalitarian thug who is placing his boot on the throat of Catholic Tradition. Consequently we are dealing w/a man who uses power in the worldly sense to threaten those of us who have a canonical right and duty to act as CATHOLICS. Interestingly I happened to come upon an old prophecy by St. Francis of Assisi in his own words. He states that in the future a man will be elevated to the papacy taking his (Francis of Assisi’s name) but that this man will be uncanonically elected. I urge you to look this up if you have never heard of this prophecy. Yes, Francis and his cabal of errant followers will soon be gone and we, the faithful, will rejoice in victory. Fr. Chad Ripperger, the well known and respected exorcist has some very interesting things to say in this regard.

    1. Wow! . . surely a critical prophecy [ needs to be
      confirmed, of cource ] pertinent to current
      Pontificate ! How the powers of darkness can
      play with our sleepy ignorance.

      has also been titled with: “THE MEMORY OF
      THE CHURCH” . . given her time “of formation”
      in the Temple, her betrothal to Joseph, her
      expectancy after Gabriel’s “sixty-four trillion dollar”
      question, her “Yes!”, the Incarnation, life, death,
      Resurrection, & Ascension of her Son, the promised
      Pentecost by her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, and the
      subsequent Birth and Life of the Church throughout
      the centuries and millennia . . “sprinkled” with her
      messages and apparitions, known and unknown . .
      ’til now.

      And Franky is spear-heading the destruction of
      Christ and His Church, “building an idol, a false
      christ and a false church” . . via “Ecclesiastical
      Masonry ? It’s what she stated as “THE TASK”
      of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry [ Marion Movement
      of Priests, 1989, #406g ] . . also via a weak Pope
      Paul VI, a NON-Dogmatic Vatican Council, and
      Masonry [ and Marxism ] infiltrated into the very
      Chair of St. Peter ? ?

      Looks like.

      ” HAND ME MY WEAPON ! ” Padre St. Pio.

      Me too !


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