5 thoughts on “Vatican Mints Pachamama Coin

  1. Is this not an attempt to blur what is due to the Creator with what is due to the creature? The foundation of this confusion is heavily laid by those Catholics who exceed all bounds in attributing to the Blessed Virgin the attributes of Christ. I think the Catholic Church is especially vulnerable here.

    1. With all due respect, Mr Harmon, I believe you are confusing the the canards aimed at the Catholic Church by her detractors with what the Church actually taught for 1900 years prior to the infiltration of those set about destroying her from within. Throughout Scripture the Blessed Mother and her types (Eve, Ruth, Esther, the woman clothed in the sun, etc.) are set up as the human means through which God’s plan unfolds and the eventual defeat of Evil – both demonic and human. Thus, it follows that Satan would concoct the abomination of desolation to be the ultimate offense against his primary human enemy – the Blessed Mother.

      Yes, the human clerics of Holy Mother Church are responsible for the abomination of desolation. But her clerics were (and are in small numbers today) also responsible for preserving the faith through centuries of persecutions. Humans can be both heroic and villainess. The Church, Christ’s Divine Institution on Earth, is run by humans. Thus, both her glories and her crimes are the product of these men’s acts, not her Divine Nature.

      May I suggest that you look into Dr Edwar Fraser’s work as a first step in coming to understand “essence” and “nature” in this perspective? Due to the works of Descartes, Kant and other “Enlightnment” (note the regency to Lucifer in that term) philosophers, this understanding was lost outside those within the Church still appreciating the work of St Thomas Aquinas.

      Through this study, you will obtain a much greater understanding of the discussions of our current world and what “Behold the handmaiden of the Lord” really means to Classical Catholics.

      May God Bless you on your journey to the Truth.

  2. This transference of the image of the Blessed Mother (particularly in the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and the Church into a pagan goddess, represents a more concrete institutionalization of the abomination of desecration performed one year ago. For these abominable idols can now be distributed around the world to folks who do not read encyclicals. At the same time, the process provides funds to those responsible for this horrific sacrilege. Scripture informs us of the consequences. May God have Mercy upon us.

  3. The Pachamama coin is a symbol of the Vatican’s transference of its former allegiance to God to a false god of the Earth. The Vatican is introducing us to its new pantheistic religion where earth is the object of worship replacing God. All of this is the work of the devil.

    God will not be happy about this new extension of the secular philosophy embedded in Vatican II as the powers of darkness encompass the Church. Accordingly, we should not be surprised if God responds in the form of a chastisement.


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