6 thoughts on “Vatican Leak Reveals Post-COVID19 Globalism Agenda

  1. Yes, all this is terrible as satan continues to make further inroads in the Vatican.
    However one should understand that the catholic on the street is ok specially in Poland, Lithuania, south asia, Africa etc in that he is regular in prayer, rosary, confession etc. He would not know all this and would not be interested in knowing. Priests too know nothing much and carry on in the truth of the catholic Church.

    Now how long has planet earth have? Studying Orthodox Catholic Protestant Jewish prophecy we enter a seven year tribulation and then a three and half years Greater Tribulation after which Jesus will rule for a thousand years, it’s peace as the demon, fallen angels go into the pit. This tribulation starts towards Trump’s ending his second term when he will be set aside and evil Obama takes over the UN as a ” man of peace”.

    This means we have around 15 years left. Today’s Deutsche welle gives a scenario of coming famines in Africa due to covid and locusts. So while the official Bibical chastisment has not yet started the situation is growing bad and with not much time left being green should be on the backburner.

  2. Hi there. I am a subscribestar subscriber. Couldn’t find a link to this source. Thanks for your work.

  3. This is interesting, but you haven’t provided a source and Marco Tosatti, if that is who you are referencing, doesn’t seem to have posted this on his own blog.

  4. “Know what to think of this”. Total madness inspired by the devil who wishes total destruction of mankind and their decent into hell. Ant-pope Bergoglio is the devil’s servant.


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