Vatican Insiders Report That Cardinals Are Fed Up With Francis

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They’re allegedly preparing to elect a better pope when the time comes.




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15 thoughts on “Vatican Insiders Report That Cardinals Are Fed Up With Francis

  1. Written over 100 years ago , The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita says:

    “We do not intend to win the Popes to our cause, to make them neophytes of our principles, propagators of our ideas. That would be a ridiculous dream; and if events turn out in some way, if Cardinals or prelates, for example, of their own free will or by surprise, should enter into a part of our secrets, this is not at all an incentive for desiring their elevation to the See of Peter. [That elevation would ruin us]. Ambition alone would have led them to apostasy, the requirements of power would force them to sacrifice us. What we must ask for, what we should look for and wait for, as the Jews wait for the Messiah, is a Pope according to our needs.

    “With that we shall march more securely towards the assault on the Church than with the pamphlets of our brethren in France and even the gold of England. Do you want to know the reason for this? It is that with this, in order to shatter the high rock on which God built His Church, we no longer need Hannibalian vinegar, or need gunpowder, or even need our arms. We have the little finger of the Successor of Peter engaged in the ploy, and this little finger is as good, for this crusade, as all the Urban IIs and all the St. Bernards in Christendom.

    “Now then, to assure ourselves of a Pope of the required dimensions, it is a question first of shaping for this pope a generation worthy of the reign we are dreaming of. Leave old people and those of mature age aside; go to the youth, and if it is possible, even to the children.”

    “You will contrive for yourselves, at little cost, a reputation as good Catholics and pure patriots. This reputation will put access to our doctrines into the midst of the young clergy, as well as deeply into the monasteries. In a few years by the force of things, this young clergy will have overrun all functions; they will form the sovereign’s council, they will be called to choose a pontiff who should reign. And this pontiff, like most of his contemporaries, will be necessarily more or less imbued with the Italian and humanitarian principles that we are going to begin to put into circulation.”

    They didn’t intend to place a Freemason in the papacy, but gain control of everything around the pope and elect one sympathetic to them sounds like it went so well, beyond their wildest dreams, does it not?

  2. it took ten years to figure out they are fed up? Why on earth would the college elect someone of questionable background?

    1. But, Mr. Sam, we need to remember that Jorge Bergoglio
      WAS investigated by none other than the General
      of the Jesuits himselg, Fr. HLHANS KOLVENBACH.
      Verdict? “Thumbs down!” No go. Not fit for high-end
      posts . . certainly not for “Pababile”.

      [ Who actually read the report? I didn’t. I’m simply
      passing on media reportage. ]]

      In any case, the document disappeared. Political
      shenanigans did the rest . . that Belgian (Dutch?)
      Archbishop and his “Lavender Mafia”.

      The College, in effect, didn’t elect Bergoglio except
      insofar as the Conclave outcome was rigged. The
      Lav. Mafia guy stood next to newly-elected Pope
      Francis on the loggia. I believe he met his Maker
      within less than a month. [ off the top of me head
      memories, this. Best research it personally ]

      The Ignatian “Light Infantry” and its vaunted
      obedience to the Vicar of Christ all
      “shot to pieces”.

      1. Do you have a link for this disappeared document? And a source for the election being rigged? Never heard of either. It’s interesting that Bergoglio was chosen out of all other cardinals, many that would’ve been more orthodox. Just curious: do you believe Francis is pope or on the fence about it? Do you believe Benedict did not resign properly , to usher in this Argentinian?

        1. Mr. Sam, sorry, the source was read once, and not
          saved. One would have to trace Fr. Kolvenback’s in
          Argentina at the time, for confirmation, plus research
          further as to that report going missing.

          That Conclave’s outcome being rigged: sorry, nothing
          saved here either, except memories of current events
          THEN . . the INTENT of the St.Gallen group, connecting
          that with the INTENT of Italian Freemasonry earlier in
          the century.

          THEIR patience paid off ! They got the man THEY [ and
          not the Holy Spirit . . except by the permmissive Will of
          God ] wanted in the Chair of St. Peter.

          My “bottom-line” conclusion as to WHO sits in the Chair of
          Peter rests on the teaching of St. Catherine of Siena, true
          Apostle of the Vicar of Christ . . THREE fellow claimed to
          by Pope in her day. Being illiterate, and helped by several
          secretaries, St.Catherine —during ecstasy —learned, was
          taught by the Father, that obeisance (respect and honour)
          are owed to whomever is elected to sit in the Chair of Peter
          and takes on its Office [ for an in-depth “meeting” with
          St. Catherine, read: The Dialogue. ] OK, fasten yer belt:

          “Even if the Pope were SATAN INCARNATE, we ought
          not to raise up our heads against him . . I know very well
          that many defend themselves by boasting: ‘They are so
          corrupt, and work all manner of evil !’ But God has
          commanded that, EVEN IF the Priests, the Pastors,
          and Christ-On-Earth (the Pope) were incarnate Devils,
          we are to be obedient and subject to them, not for
          their sakes, but for the sake of God, and out of
          obedience to Him, the Sweet Christ”.

          Well, the “Sweet Christ” today would be Christ ON
          HIS CROSS . . yet again (in History)!!

          Did Benedict resign “to usher in this Argentinian”?
          Of course not !!! How could Benedict have know
          that “an Argentinian” was going to replace him
          via the next Conclave ?? He resigned because
          his strength and physical health were all used
          up. [ very clearly put and prayed about in his
          letter ! ] His subsequent 10 years committed to
          prayer and meditation (writing) for the Church
          in SILENCE and HIDDENNESS is bearing
          fruit NOW for us.

          As for “Hanky-Panky-Frankie”, leave him to
          God, who WILL demand an accounting of
          his Pontificate. We pray for him daily.

          1. Thanks for your views. Sorry, it wasn’t my intention to suggest Benedict had anything to do with Bergoglio being elected. Poorly phrased. I meant to ask if you think he resigned improperly? And by this improper resignation was he still pope? If he resigned improper, then whoever is elected cannot be pope. I recall the words to the effect regarding vatican ii and how the masons would have one of their men installed to the papacy, and they basically point to john 23. If this were true , then it doesn’t bode well for the pontiffs after john, since they all jumped on the conciliar bandwagon.

          2. Dear Mr. Sam, from my LIMITED reading [including BXVI’s
            letter of resignation . . X2 . . VERY clearly stated! ] and
            my immediate conclusion, BXVI’s resignation was legit.
            Now . . experts began ( AFTER the actual resignation
            was put into effect by B ) reading INTO not just the
            letter but the whole event . . “munus” . . “office” . .
            historical records and precedents . . and
            related hair-splitting distinctions (my opinion) . . which
            is where I abandoned the experts, though compitent
            in their fields . . because I WAS NOT competent to
            assess and conclude in these fields . . and in my
            retirement I’ve NO DESIRE to begin a PhD course
            in Ecclesiology and Church History.

            But don’t tell me that BXVI wasn’t EQUALLY
            knowledgeable in EACH and ALL of these
            areas of Church Governance ! Top Theologian
            of the Century, for crying out loud!

            For me long-time reading and knowledge of the
            “CONTEMPLATIVE ARM” of Jesus Christ and HIS
            Church still holds . . especially St. Bruno’s sons, the
            Carthusians, to say nothing of Poor Clares or even
            of St. Teresa of Calcutta’s Sisters of Charity [ who
            founded their OWN Contemplative branch ] or the
            current Contemplative Sisters who Dictator Jorge
            intends to destroy.

            My point? The CONTEMPLATIVE “branch” of the
            Church is the BACKBONE of the Church, and it
            hasn’t been broken, though the “Mind of Christ”
             —Church Teaching à la Deposti of Faith and
            Practise [Mass of the Ages] SEEMS to be in eclipse
            despite actual numbers, and LARGE FAMILIES
            to the contrary.

            What with “Hanky-Panky-Franky”, the Alta
            Vendita boys exulting over the “success” of their
            century-long patience, and the huge numbers of
            Christ-without-His-Cross Catholics and Christians
            [ counter-balanced by the REAL persecuted
            Church in China and —increasingly? — elsewhere
            . . . Benedict XVI, IN RETIREMENT, grafted him-
            self onto the “Backbone” of the Church, i.e. the
            “Contemplative Branch”. His posthumous writtings
             —fruit of this his 10 years herimetical “life-style” —
            will stand us in good stead. Best we pay attention
            and take to heart what he says . . not to mention
            any and all of his other writings before retirement.

            Gee! . . Mr. Sam, ya make my think! . . for which
            I’m grateful because it uncovers my deeper
            ignorance and inclination to laziness.

          3. Corners,
            I don’t think the average layman is supposed to know the total truth but times are such that so much info is available via internet it can make one think one’s opinion as the real deal, for me anyway. In my attempt to gather views on both sides of the aisle it may work out for me or be my demise , time will tell. Experts such as Fr. Paul Kramer and Dr. Ed Mazza to name a couple are fascinating to read , point to legitimate issues not often seen, and not ever seen in mainstream catholicism, certainly not ewtn. Not sure if Ann Barnhardt meets the criteria , although she is knowledgeable and entertaining. Even sedes receive my attention though their endgame doesn’t make sense. IF you can’t tell , I gravitate towards traditionalists so my bias is showing. That is why I love and appreciate our host here.
            Speaking of Barnhardt, see the following:

            Interesting about the backbone ‘contemplative’ view. First time I’ve heard of this angle. Can you elaborate more on this and Benedict’s connection?

          4. Good observations, Sam . . expected knowledge of laity
            . . INCREASED knowledge [ bang-on or off the “rails” ]
            tempting the layman and/or woman to think they’re
            OPINION is the “real deal”. It will NOT be you’re demise
            when in sync with what the Church ACTUALLY teaches
            . . which MAY mean further study of Sacred Scripture,
            Dogma, Magisterial conclusions, and Wisdom of the

            Ann Barnhardt is one of the first to “SHOCK” me out
            of my bastion of NON-political PRE-judice. Was always
            A-political. Today I think I’ve acquired a political “take”
            on events, players, and orginizations [ including the
            Church . . thanks to the St.Galllan Mafia and Jorge
            above all; he’s remains a true graduate of Juan Peròn’s
            Latino Dictatorial Régime. The “Dictator Pope” names
            him well. And ya can’t tell a Dictator anything, similar
            as “ya CAN tell a Jesuit, but ya CAN’T TELL HIM MUCH.”

            Am glad you’re “gravitating towards traditionalists”,
            which is NOT so much a “bias” as it is a drawing
            closer to the HOME FIRES of the CHURCH’S &
            CHRIST’S millennial Deposit of the Faith—Scripture;
            Ex-Cathedra Dogma; Magisterial Teaching; the
            Wisdom of the Saints — our Host Anthony (a Convert
            through Hillaire Belloc) being surely ON FIRE with
            this, the True “Faith of Our Fathers”. converts often
            put me to shame.

            About the Religious vocation of Contemplation (i.e.
            historically the Augustinians; Dominicans; Carmelites;
            Carthusians; Franciscans (Conventual; Poor Clares);
            and, yes, the original Sons of St. Ignatius (Jesuits) too . .
            as DISTINCT FROM active Religious Life and the
            Active orders/ Congregations, Contemplative Religious
            Life was normally considered the backbone of the
            Mystical Body of Christ . . accurately summed up Jesus’
            observation about Mary and Martha: “Mary has chosen
            the better part” (Gospels).

            Never having considered in any other “Light” —I’m a
            WW II vintage cradle Catholic ( b. 1944), and having
            passed through and survived the ecclesiastical tectonic
            shifts after the passing of the SCHOLARLY and HOLY
            Ven. Pope Pius XII —I “automatically” read BXVI’s
            retirement as a TRADITIONAL entry into the Church’s
            Contemplative Life . . grafting his remaining years onto
            its backbone.

            So . . “Benedict’s connections” ? . . they’re vast ! . .
            encompassing ALL of Sacred Tradition . . the Active,
            the Contemplative, the Historical, etc. etc.

            Books? . . easy to scour the internet today for Catholic
            Sources. Not sure if that would be best. Instead, may
            I recommend: Getting To Know God, by Fr. Eddie
            Doherty [ ex-Newspaperman of the early 20th century ]
            1998, Madonna House Publications. Eddie became
            a down-to-earth modern day contemplative, but had
            unique ways of putting it into words through his
            reporting and especially as a “Catholic Author”:
             — God has a Divine sense of humour
             — you have power in God’s plan
             — you can turn pain into spiritual gain
             — Saints are your friends, your helpers
             — you don’t have to be on your knees to pray.

          5. What did you think of Barnhardt’s take on the munus by Malachi Martin?

          6. Mr. Sam, not enough to really ABSORB her “take”.

            1/ I’ve never been a “FAN” of Malachi Martin, though
            I have read his The Jesuits long ago, yet wasn’t at all
            politically astute at the time. For myself these “guys
            and girls” are TOO FAR removed from the Spiritual/
            Sacramental/ Science (Wisdom) of the Saints. They’ve
            never “taken” in my sphere of “Civic learning” & I’ll
            never be gifted with true “POLITICAL Savvy”, Sam.
            For me it is not NECESSARY knowledge [ for my
            ETERNAL SALVATION ].

            2/ On the other hand, what IS necessary for my
            Eternal Salvation derives from ANY teaching
            having to do with its “Summit and Source”, i.e.,
            the Mass of the Ages and Eucharistic Adoration.
            VERY briefly, a “couple or three” excerpts from
            Pope Benedict XVI’s Eucharistic Theology:
             — “Eucharistic Adoration is not a luxury, but a
             — “There is need for SILENT adoration of Jesus
            hidden in the Host.”
             — “Eucharistic Adoration my precede our every
            activity and program, that it may render us TRULY
            FREE, and that we may be given THE CRITERIA
            for our daily activity.”
             — “We cannot live, we cannot look at the truth
            about ourselves without letting ourselves BE looked
            at and generated by Christ in daily Eucharistic
            — “He is present now as He was then in Bethlehem.
            He invites us to that INNER pilgrimage which is
            called Adoratiaon.”
            —”Let us beseech Our Lord to reawaken in us THE
            JOY at His Presence and that we may once more
            adore Him. Without adoration, there is no

            I hope “Corners” here has helped you to turn
            this very critical “Corner”.

          7. thank you for your candid reply. I agree with your love of the Mass of the Ages etc. practices and beliefs which attain the salvific goal. I look forward in further dialogue. Besides return to tradition, what other catholic sources do you follow?

          8. Well . . RTT HAS moved into daily 1st place. (am
            slow reader; have to choose and pick yer battles
            both in civil politics and in all Church affairs).

            Good Catholic media sources [ Catholic World Report;
            the “Papal Posse” . . especially Fr. Gerald Murray;
            Journey Home ( for several years; not now); Inside
            The Vatican ( Dr. Robert Moynihan’s “Letters from
            Rome” . . but too long . . hard to stay with in one
            sitting . . slow reader, me]; private reading (some titles
            . . . Treasure In Clay [ Fulton Sheen; Honey From the
            Rock [ 16 Jews find the Sweetness of Christ]; the
            Catholic Mass [ Bishop Athanasius Schneider . .
            BEST on the Mass ]; The Godmother [ about Sr.
            Pascalina Lehnert, 40 year secretary to Eugenio
            Pacelli/ Pope Pius X]; To Deceive the Elect, by
            Paul Kramer on Francis [ . . won’t finish; too legal
            and technical]; Murder In The 33rd Degree by Fr.
            Charles Murr [ . . quite the page-turner; good intro
            to Vatican “Who’s Who”] ; The Vatican Pimpernel,
            by Brian Fleming . . [ a “must read” about hiding
            Jews & allied Military in and around Rome,
            “Wartime exploits of Monsignor Hugh O’Flaherty
            from the Vatican/ Rome WW II; its better than
            the Movie —The Scarlet And The Black (Greg.
            Peck/ Christopher Palmer) —but BOTH are
            excellent, historically and dramatically] ;
            The Rome Escape Line, by Lt. Col. Sam I.
            Derry, [ one of a handful of main players under
            Monsgr. O’Flaherty during Nazi occupation of
            Rome]; A Vatican Lifeline ’44, by Wm Simpson,
            [ another main player in aiding Allied fugitives
            foiling the Gestapo in Nazi-occupied Rome] ;
            My Name Is Lazarus, by Dale Ahlquist
            [ . . personal accounts of 34 converts to the
            Faith THROUGH G.K. Chesterton]; The Complete
            Thinker: the Marvelous Mind of G.K.Chesterton,
            by Dale Ahlquist, plus G.K. Chesterton: Common
            Sense 101, also by Ahlquist —together, a good
            introduction to “the great man”].

            So, you see Sam, for this RETIRED Grandpa,
            current on-line stuff —podcasts ‘n such — are
            “fillers”. BOOKS —read slowly —remain my
            deeper treasures, me, being still a PRINT
            CULTURE guy at heart.

            Have a Good Day !

            “Pray, Hope, and DON’T WORRY” -Padre
            St. Pio.

  3. @3:30 ” . . who actually carries the Cross
    and teaches the Faith.” Bingo !

    The original Modernists were given NO QUARTER
    by St. Pius X; rather, they would have been given
    a solid thwacking had they come near enough to
    his “boxing gloves”.

    Will Monsignor’s Bux’s perception and proposal for
    an “inquiry at various levels” —a TIME CONSUMING
    project! —begin to bring together a College (of
    Cardinals) divided?

    Meanwhile, we in our family each morning, re-
    commit to St. Bernadine of Siena’s “Consecration
    to St. Joseph”. Have ANY of the Cardinals —not
    to mention Pope Francis himself —ever thought
    of DOING THAT ?

    “Dear Saint Joseph, my father and my guardian,
    adopt me as your child; TAKE CHARGE OF MY
    SALVATION; watch over me day and night; preserve
    me from occasions of sin; obtain for me purity of
    body. / Through your intercession with Jesus, grant
    me a spirit of sacrifice, of humility, of self-denial,
    and an intimate love for Jesus in the Blessed
    Sacrament./ A pure and tender love for Mary, my
    Mother, protect and guard in me. / St. Joseph,
    be with me living; be with me dying, and obtain
    for me a favourable judgment from Jesus, Our
    Merciful Saviour. Amen?”

  4. Thank you Cardinal Bux; at least the issue is on the table. Yet at the same time there are the enemies of the church who are at the point of achieving their goals because we’ve waited so very long and they have made great strides. Communism, socialism, and most of all things pertaining to the greatest of all heresies, MODERNISM, is seated in the Chair of Peter and has no intention of relinquishing its position of power. Francis is all about power and always has been even before he was selected to be the “pope” of the NO counter church. In fact it is my own position that he was placed in this place of power by those power players both in the world in the NO counter church. My biggest concern is that these power players who control Francis will go “all in” to protect their most long awaited prize which was to slip in inside the “slippers” of a man they could manipulate into agreeing to be their “man”. They have been more than successful in this endeavor. But now we have another grave matter to consider and that is the new Francis creation of a One World Church that has surfaced in the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia and has established its stake to replace all “Abrahamic” religions into one and which is definitely a sign that the AntiChrist is not very far off. The cardinals of the Catholic Church are way behind on this issue and probably don’t want to touch it w/a ten foot pole yet they must and they must now rather than later. Later is not what is needed; unity is what is needed and it must happen NOW. Lent is upon us and the Easter Passion of Our Lord is fast approaching. He is waiting for them to act. Pray for the cardinals and the true Church of Christ.


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