Vatican In Damage Control, & (Live) Senior Cardinal Calls Francis A Heretic

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Apparently the public wasn’t supposed to know that Francis was going to rig the coming conclave.







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7 thoughts on “Vatican In Damage Control, & (Live) Senior Cardinal Calls Francis A Heretic

  1. Most Loved Anthony ,

    This “dispute” regarding synodality is one which asks for common sense and a reflection upon recorded history ( Gods Memory, sacred scripture and tradition )

    It’s easy, Christ CHOSE twelve apostles. He did not nominate them for an unelected office ( judicial appointment). They were twelve , as seems to reflect a hierarchy which flows from the twelve tribes of Israel, as might make them MINISTERS of His Word ( which requires judicial administration, not judgements) Notable, at the sermon of the mount, the first synod of synodality, He encounterd the “uninvited” who sought Him out . He was not in a mode to listen !!! He does not have to – He knows each of our hearts and minds. While he does listen to every prayer , as He answers every prayer , He does so on His terms of perfection ; there is a caution which is known,”be careful what you pray for”. It follows, there are consequences for every prayer and those derivative choices which present themselves; Leviticus, the blessing or the curse.

    Consequences of prayer, choices happen – God allows us in our free will to be stupid .

    In short, He did not take a vote at the Mount sermon; I don’t recall he asked for break out sessions for everyone to discuss His teachings . My understanding, those teachings He gave, as also is His Word, are absolutes (binary choices ) . His pattern as rabbi , in keeping with a “yes” or “no” advised, THE WAY of life; He did not teach relativism or comprise . His prayer, as made with an understanding we all make dumb choices at times,as often accomplished impulsively and without insight , was to ask His Father ( and our Father ) , “forgive them for they know not what they do “. He did not pray for a “democracy”, equity, or inclusion. His gift of salvation, free from any attached strings , only asked each individual upon their self reflection to love Him, love His Father, and love The Holy Spirt ; he taught that this could be evidenced by loving the other as oneself.

    By extension, he did not ask us to love sin, love our sin , or validate and affirm the sins of others. His WAY , love the sinner, hate the sin .

    In short , when leaders ( or anyone) deviate from The Way, as might contribute to leading the other onto the wrong track , THIS IS MANIFEST HERESY ( Pope , Cardinal, Bishop , Priest, consecrated laity , and Christian’s “outside” the Church).

    My opinion , God knows a wolf in sheep’s clothing when He sees one – even one who seems real “nice” and domesticated
    ( only murders the eternal soul but does not bite or draw blood ) .

    That’s my soliloquy for today.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. Neatly “unpacked” in a “nutshell” . . except:
      choices do not “happen” so much as that they’re

      Also, re. “God’s memory” . . Mary, Queen of
      Heaven and Earth, has also been designated as
      “The Memory of the Church” by various theologians.

      Which makes me “beg” the question: “Those
      souls who go directly to Heaven, are they also
      given to follow events on Earth until Time is
      no more?”

      It would seem most fitting that the Queen of
      Heaven and Earth —being forever Sinless —
      would receive that prerogative as well.

      Prairie Grandpa

      1. Hi Grandpa Prarie Bob !!!

        Think about this – there is no “time”.

        God is transcendent into His material creation which is a cyclical life; it is , same as heaven , eternal , and we are always in the present moment of now .
        The present moment can be light, dark, snow, rain , hot , cold etc…; the present moment is subject to constant change ( an unfolding of Gods infinite created life ). When a soul leaves the body it transitions from one dimension of the present moment into an unveiled dimension of the present moment. Similarly, eternity is alive and always unfolding in keeping with Gods Will – eternity is then, infinitely so, in the present moment of “now” . In other words, “time”is a human construct – haha God did not create a clock located in Glascow by which everyone relies upon to define their present moment.

        So, it is said souls in heaven can pray for us. I presume, as God Wills , they can be given to know the circumstances of things on Earth as God decides to reveal to them ? Since “time” does not exist, by extension, they may well be aware of circumstances on Earth until Earth “passes away”

        Blessings, Scott

        1. You provide plenty to ponder here, Dr. Scott !

          Thanks for taking the time.


          1. Hahaha – it took about 15 present moment metric minutes

        2. P.S.

          Ste. Thérèse effortlessly “cottons onto” your
          thorough explication of time, of the present moment.
          She left us with her beautiful poem-prayer on this:
          “SONG OF TODAY”, of which we here at home take
          one stanza daily, incorporated into our daily
          Morning Prayers. Here’s the first:

          “My life is a moment a passing hour
          My life is a moment that flits away from me.
          O my God, you know that for loving you [ and
          Neighbour ] on earth
          I have only today !”

          [ accessible on Google ]

          PG Bob

  2. [ All emphases mine ]

    Heck, I don’t know what to say anymore —not
    that I ever really did.

    This is all above my retirement competence
    and pension pay . . but not above my imagination.

    Since Francis aims to [ ultimately ] laicize the
    Foundation of the Church [ yes, Christ Himself ! ]
    why do not a small team of WELL-CATECHIZED
    LAYMEN [ Navy Seals ? ], accompanied by a
    detachment of Swiss Guards, spirit Francis
    out of Vatican City, and comfortably helicopter him
    to Mount Alverno, high up in the centre of the
    Tuscan Apennines [ commune of Chiusi della
    Verna, National Park of Casentino Forests . . ]
    which is famous for being the place where St.
    Francis would receive the Stigmata on Sept. 14,
    1224. The BASILICA there is home to numerous
    chapels and places of prayer and meditation.

    Let the detachment of Swiss Guards accompany
    POPE FRANCIS to that Basilica, to meditate on what
    H I S Crucified Lord gave to the REAL Francis, as a
    reward for the Poverello’s great love for the PASSION

    Laymen and Swiss Guards [ ALSO laymen ! ] might
    join the Pope in meditation.

    For the evening, the local “Atlantic Oil” ristorante
    might offer a frugal but nutritious repast, fit for
    these “Lenten” retreatants.

    “We’ve already eaten out four times on this holiday
    alone . . haven’t been able to find fault with any
    of the dishes so far. We’re going there again
    today” —travellers’ comment, July 28, 2023,
    five *****.


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