Unbelievable! Catholic Organization Calls For An End To The Clergy

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Honestly, how is this just not protestantism?







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One thought on “Unbelievable! Catholic Organization Calls For An End To The Clergy

  1. Location! Location! Location! . . has been and remains
    the rule for any realtor worth his or her salt.

    ( Latin) Distinguo! Distinguo! Distinguo! . . always
    was, and IS, the rule for CLARIFICATION in seeking
    the Truth, the rule for any even-keel philosophy of life,
    of realistic Wisdom.

    At least it’s what we were taught in our BA-level
    philosophy program [Gonzaga U., Spokane, Wash.,
    1969 . . JESUIT ].

    As for “Neighbor” . . according to the Gospel
    parable, “NEIGHBOR” was the guy [ .. not the Priest;
    not the Levite; but a “foreigner” ] who tended to the
    wounds of the man attacked, robbed, and left for
    dead by local bandits . .supplying medicine, recovery-
    care, and all costs.

    . . highly VISIBLE, in full “technicolor” . . eminently
    proper to a VISIBLE Church . . AND its Hierarchy.

    “Fences make good neighbours”. A solid wall frees
    up kids to play, even when the play area happens
    to be near the edge of a cliff. An authoritative CLERGY
    frees up ordained Priests to carry out their Sacramental
    care for Souls effecting SALVATION for those Souls.
    Free-wheeling, independent “ciruit riders” & “wing-nuts”


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