Two Respected Bishops Issue Critical Warning To The Church

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Don’t adopt the modern values of the secular world.






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6 thoughts on “Two Respected Bishops Issue Critical Warning To The Church

  1. Whenever I attend a Novus Ordo service, I feel like a child with an alcoholic parent. I sit there in a state of dread wondering what will be said or what will be done next. Instead of praying along with the priest, I pray he will just “behave” and do what he’s supposed to do. I hate that feeling…

  2. Bang on !! . . both of them. No commentary necessary, BUT many re-visits and sincere interiorization, so that
    once again —God willing —each of the Baptized might be alive with the “Church’s One Foundation” fully abiding
    in their soul. Furthermore . . .

    . . we’re awaiting, Anthony, a podcast on Bishop Schneider’s recent foundational book on The Catholic Mass, which
    exorcises all the fog, ambiguities, “off-rail” joy rides eclipsing the unchanging —NOT “rigid” —fullness of the Faith,
    the Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    We’re indebted to your on-going bringing to light these current “Men of God” and their thoroughly-articulated
    defence of the Faith, while, at the same time, ferreting out any and all scammers.

  3. Interesting that both have made their comments one day after Francis declared that we should pray for the demons. Personally and as a traditional Catholic I find this to be a situation where the horse has been let out of the stable much too late. If we think about the ramifications of both commentaries we are faced w/a few questions. Many Novus Ordo priests will not do any of this because it will never be imposed upon them to do so. In addition new priests have not been trained to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional format so they would have to be retrained. In addition because seminaries today have very few seminarians it begs the question: Where are we going to get these priests when all we hear about is the lack of priests in general. Much of what I heard is a rather poorly presented theme that has been going on for many decades and, as we already know, has not been reconciled because Francis has not been told by these very high level prelates that he has excommunicated himself as a result of his many actions as a public heretic in addition to his blasphemies in regard to his public worship of the demon goddess, Pachamama. To me this is an appeasement attempt because they will not officially accuse him in an official capacity. The Church fought the heresy of Arianism for three centuries before the final declaration was made that it was it fact a heresy. I don’t think we have three centuries left so if they’re trying to drag this out by making appeasement attempts, we’re deceiving ourselves.

    1. ” . . APPEASEMENT attempts . . ” ??? Seriously? From where I’m sitting, driving, and enjoying my being, Bishp.
      Schneider’s and Card. Müller’s are, direct, simple, and complete RE-statements of the Faith, it’s essentials in the
      fogged-up backdrops of endless, swirling heretical “takes”.

      There IS no finger-pointing. Just a solid re-statement of the Faith. Christ/Peter the Rock doesn’t move. We swimmers do . . when the stormy seas’s overspray has slicked up the Rock’s surface and we’ve slid off.

      Bishop Athanasius and Cardinal Müller, in their care and duty towards their flock, have thrown us life-rafts to pull us
      back ON to the Rock.

  4. Was not able to pull up the link for Cardinal Mueller’s letter – said server not found


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