Time Is Running Short For Francis

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Pope Francis is in the hospital and his doctors haven’t exactly said things that would inspire hope in his supporters. Pray for him even if you don’t like him at all.


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  1. Joseph Simpson

    To quote the bishop of internet, “we’ve a reasonable hope that even Judas is not in hell.” Or as father Bergogilo rationalizes, when we die we just go poof… off to the father. Hmm. Which father?

    I question the sanity of anyone who keeps an image of someone who it would’ve been better that they’d never been born, but I’m rational and try to know and do the will of Christ, not the will of the father of lies, a murderer and thief from the beginning.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Yes, “Pope” Francis has the same idea of the Church’s mission as Judas, i.e., focusing on material welfare and life in this world vs spiritual welfare and eternal life. Every day Francis hangs himself with more delusional programs to accomplish his satanic mission. Let us pray that the light of Christ pierces his misguided mind and heart before it too late.


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