Those Ash Wednesday Changes Are A Distraction

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Whenever a story happens that gets your blood pressure up, see what the Church is doing in the world of the City of Man — that is, in the secular, political world. Usually there’s something else going on.




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2 thoughts on “Those Ash Wednesday Changes Are A Distraction

  1. They are lying. The money was sent and now they are trying to confuse the issue of the “legal” entities of “who” sent it. (Cue the clip of Captain Renault being shocked.)

    “Also not everyone is satisfied by the “coding error” explanation. Matthew O’Brien, a Philadelphia-based investment manager and Catholic analyst who advocates for financial reform in the Church, said he was “incredulous that Austrac would have made a mistake of this magnitude due to a simple clerical error in a formal report to parliament.”
    He added that “a lot is riding on what is meant by ‘coding error,’” which he read as a disparity between the practices of Austrac and the Vatican’s financial watchdog in “categorizing the domicile of corporate entities.” O’Brien believes Austrac tabulated the billion-dollar number because it “coded the transfers originating from certain entities in Italy as ‘the Vatican,’” but that Vatican officials “objected,” saying they were “incorrectly coded because they originated in Italy.”
    He said the problem, therefore, is whether certain entities count as “Italian or Vatican,” and gave as one of a number of examples Rome’s Bambino Gesù hospital — an entity that is part of Italy’s national health system, receives Italian and EU funding, is incorporated under Italian law, but is run by the Secretariat of State.
    Should international bank transfers originating from there therefore be “coded” as Italian or Vatican, O’Brien asked. “I don’t know the answers to these questions,” he said, but added that he had “not seen anything yet reported that rules out” a possibility whereby Vatican officials approved billions of dollars of transfers through such Vatican entities. Austrac, he said, might have coded such transfers as coming from such an entity and labelled it “the Vatican” and the Vatican’s financial authority objected, saying it was a “coding error.” “

    BTW, I wasn’t able to post this on your Youtube video. I posted another comment and then a few minutes later all of the “comment” or “save” buttons are now grayed out….

  2. Given that everything coming from the Vatican is questionable, often immoral, political, illegal or contrary to Catholic doctrine it is only common sense to speculate the Ash Wednesday changes were a diversion to change from subject from possible Australia money laundering or. whatever.


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