This Is A Chastisement. Here’s Why

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Some people are shying away from calling the COVID-19 Pandemic and its consequences a chastisement from heaven. If you look at some of the things that have been shut down you begin to see why it’s probably a chastisement.

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2 thoughts on “This Is A Chastisement. Here’s Why

  1. false its a fricking hoax a psyop to push id2020 and vaccine culling and cover for 5g roll out its all a jew freemasonic communist satanic crisis acting hoax

  2. Yes, all ocassions of sin are by and large closed viz strip clubs, houses of sin, the part of music industry which is satanic, the porn industry etc etc. Jesus tells a holy Lady of the Greek Orthodox Church “Every sin you commit big or small is taken by me during my Passion ”

    Hence The Heavenly Father has taken mercy on His son as he says” How much more is My Son to suffer for your sins?”

    Now this virus will eventually die off and folks again go to their sinful lifestyle, sad……….


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