Things I’m Reading and Will Read Soon (hopefully)

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From time to time I get asked for my reading list. So, as I aim to please reasonable requests, here is my reading list.

Reading now:

Windswept House, by Malachi Martin

The Devil’s Final Battle: How the Current Rejection of the Message of Fatima Causes the Present Crisis in the Church and the World, by Fr. Paul Kramer


Reading Soon:

The Rhine Flows Into The Tiber: A history of Vatican II, by Fr. Ralph Wiltgen

AA-1025: Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle

The Final Conclave, by Malachi Martin

Liberty: The God That Failed, by Christopher Ferrara


If you have any recommendations comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Things I’m Reading and Will Read Soon (hopefully)

  1. Your moldy reading list is decades behind, but better late than never.

    Some of those books are over 30 years old. Trying to accurately connect thousands of ancient dots to what is happening today won’t be easy.

    We read all of them, plus many similar ones, as soon as they were published eons ago. All of the authors and culprits are long-dead. You have a lot to re-construct.

  2. Did you read ‘Vatican’ by Malachi Martin?

    I claim Fr. Martin was not a very creative man, there is very little that is made up in the book.


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