They’ve Started Coming For The Tradition-Friendly Seminaries & VIGANO BONUS

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The embedded audio link is for the too-hot for YouTube link to Vigano’s latest letter on the linkage between the New World Order, the Poke, and Pachamama, among other things.

Vigano Bonus:

The Angel Of The Resurrection | Fr John Hardon SJ Return To Tradition

  1. The Angel Of The Resurrection | Fr John Hardon SJ
  2. Malachi Martin Predicted The Forced Abdication Of Benedict XVI
  3. The Church Is Ruled By Modernists: Archbishop Lefebvre
  4. BREAKING: Vatican Cardinal Defends Bishop Strickland, Tells Him To Fight Back!
  5. Francis' New Doctrine Chief Is Persecuting Faithful Catholics

Today’s Video:



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3 thoughts on “They’ve Started Coming For The Tradition-Friendly Seminaries & VIGANO BONUS

  1. One thing the good Archbishop left out (and that I’m not even 100% sure of, since there are various places he may have implied it): in “Corvid 19: The Grape Recess,” Schlobb clearly identifies that it is precisely *the governments under the ideology of the New Gen-Z Left* (my words, not his) that are supposed to be rallied against by worldwide protests and eventually overthrown after Schlobb and his kind supposedly come in to save us all from their idiotic policies with the REAL data and science.

    I do not know what that would be, as they are obviously linked all together, but my guess would be that the actual easy-to-see case about C-19’s increased transmissibility but decreased deadliness (just like every pandemic, ever, over time), that lockdowns are unnecessary and cause irreparable damage to especially small business structure, and that masks don’t work outdoors unless you’re packed at a turnstile trying to get into a football game or a rock concert.

    After enduring intolerable, forced narratives about the Leftist revival of Darwinist race realism and its desire to implement a racial caste in replacement of anti-discrimination laws, Feminism 4.0, diversity, equity, inclusion and its appallingly idiotic and anticompassionate immigration “policies” (i.e. their no borders, no wall, no USA at all religious chant, coming to a 60’s Prottyish Novus Ordo hymnal near you) in addition to its brazenly unscientific and dictatorial C-19 top-down passport and vax crap, we’re supposed to all revolt worldwide and overturn these governments.

    In reality, the governments are rigged to do this as part of the plan. They are *supposed* to capitulate, one by one, all across the world. And it’s Schlobb and the Scientists swooping in to show how wrong the governments are about some irritating suppression or another that is supposed to get us to **clamor for their leadership instead.** Their global leadership, which they would be free to take, by our own desire for their demonstration of salvation by science.

    I’m not making any of this up. You can buy C19: TGR from Bezoscorp and read it yourself. Worldwide revolution is the next step, and the answer to whether the leaders all know how heinous and dictatorial they are is “yes … but you have no idea what’s about to happen.”


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