They’re Trying To Cancel Bishop Barron For Speaking The Truth

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I’m not a fan of Bishop Barron, but when he’s right, he’s right. The Modernists can’t stand when someone who is usually aligned with them turns against them even slightly.




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9 thoughts on “They’re Trying To Cancel Bishop Barron For Speaking The Truth

  1. Anthony, BTW consider :

    It was only in the last few days you also reported Dr.Scott Hahn as coming under attack; I will suggest that the prince of the air is at center from which his attacks and those directed towards Bishop Baron flow. I share with you now an interesting association by which the ideologies of Sam Rocha tie Bishop Barron , Bishop Strickland , Dr. Hahn , and Pope Francis together.

    With minimal research you will find Sam Rocha is known to be a former student of Franciscan University, inclusive to being a possible understudy of Dr.Hahn theology ? Rocha then represents himself as a twitter influencer and a “progressive” tenured Catholic philosopher professor ( at a secular Canadian college ) . In his position he has promoted Trudeau’s attack on the Catholic Church, this by publicly calling into question the ethics and morality of Canadian Catholic charity; Rocha has voiced his support of the view that Canadian charitable Catholic services, deliverd to the indigenous peoples of Canada by “contract” ( boarding schools) were “genocidal centers”. This has all been litigated by the Canadian Government as retrospective allegations investigated historical events which dated to the early 1900’s in frontier western Canada. In short, the Canadian government “contracted” with Canadian Catholics to obtain the delivery of social services ; (akin to US government using Catholic Social Services as NGO for immigration management ) . BUT , because of high death rates amongst the indigenous children cared for ( tuberculosis and primitive health care by todays standards ) Sam Rocha and Canadian politicians called it a “genocide” conducted by the Catholic Church with malicious intent. The likes of Trudeau and Rocha then “shamed” Francis to visit Canada and apologize; while apologies in general are harmless, as well as very appropriate given that “fallen” Catholics may have abused Christs children ( it is certainly a known phenomena with priest abuse crisis), BUT, an apology is not the same thing as an admission of genocide !!! ( the politicians framed the apologies as an admission of genocide ) .

    Anyway, Rocha , as might then be considered a Steubenville “anti- Hahn”, would likely side against Bishop Strickland , as would be in keeping with other likeminded “anti-Hahn’s” that spontaneously speak out in opposition to Dr.Hahn’s or Bishop Strickland’s proclamation of the gospel ( btw I believe Dr.Hahn has a son priest and a second son in seminary ? )

    So, while “convoluted” as the prince of the air works, you have a nexus by which Francis, Baron , Hahn , Strickland, and Rocha all tie together. They are all linked in “time” by those ideological positions they have chosen to declare, or have chosen not to declare.

    Blessings , Dr.Scott

  2. Anthony, I’m most thankful that Dr. Scott is “hands on” re.
    the political, social, and professional skirmishes goin’ on
    in his —and your —patches of the prairies . . and cities.
    ” the Where Peter Is ‘crowd'” . . funny, I had that feeling.

    Meanwhile, here’s more of my philosophizing from my
    computer arm-chair.

    Re. the Faith “dumbed down”, because the typical day
    belongs to the typical motorist, in and out of his/ her
    vehicle . . going anywhere from 30/25 to 135/85 [ Montana ]
    kmh/ mph.

    No REAL quiet time to ponder the beauty, the depth, the
    comfort, the moral support of our Faith . . except for the
    fleeting minute or three. Each live-long day a succession
    of unplanned distractions.

    In a Volkwagen ad, several decades ago, a typical
    VW sedan was shown opening and shutting its
    doors, trunk, and hood non-stop for the duration
    of the ad. A sped-up symbol for our time . . then
    and now.

    Applying this state of endless movement to the
    Synod on Synodality: hierarchy and laity are
    “invited”, asked their input by Rome.

    Was there any occasion during PRE-Vatican II
    pontificates when “mostly ALL” were invited to
    offer their “two cents-worth”? No, Their input
    was their Faith, their Prayers, their Masses . .
    their listening-in-trust for Heaven-based
    outcomes. That’s what Pope, Cardinals, and
    Bishops were consecrated for, i.e., Catholic
    Theological Wisdom, to anchor lives on earth
    in the TRUTH. [“Theo” “Logos”: the science of
    God; better yet, the science of the Saints. ]

    Francis’ “listening” is from a people who, largely,
    no longer KNOW their Faith, nor THEIR living
    of it. There is a need for a complete instruction
    in the Faith. The bar for RCIA programs needs
    to be set higher.

    From your previous podcast —@1:00 f ” . .
    DECADES of innovation . . ” says it all, Anthony.

    But innovations ad infinitem can’t shatter the
    Rock that is Peter. They merely constitute the
    SPRAY which spatters and disperses OFF
    the Rock.

    Bishop Strickland, standing firmly ON the Rock,
    speaks FROM the Rock, about the Rock. Ain’t
    no Modernist , not even “the weirdos in Rome”
    (@9: 40 ff “Bishop Strickland Speaks”). gonna
    knock that assured and valiant Bishop OFF the
    Rock . . ever!

    Back in ’68, in the middle of our metaphysics
    class [ by Fr. Michael Buckley, SJ, Gonzaga
    U., Spokane, WA ] our prof suddenly “out
    of the blue” proclaimed: “Christ is a Rock thrown
    into your life, and WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO
    DO ABOUT IT ??”

    Being slow to “get it”, several YEARS later, it
    dawned on y that there were only THREE
    responses possible: 1/ kick against the Rock
    and BE BRUISED. 2/ run from the Rock and
    build on SAND. 3/ BUILD ON that Rock and
    be SECURE . . even in one’s worst unsettling
    insecurities !

    1. Thanks for the shout out. I wrote back an “addendum” and posted. It’s my take on all things Canadian . I went beyond my comfort zone and bloviated about another countries culture wars. BUT I couldn’t help myself (inspired ? ) . I am interested to learn from Prarie Grandpa how on target ( or not ? ) my thoughts might be ? Please, by all means, set me straight if I got it wrong !

    2. “Please, by all means, set me straight if I got it wrong !”
      Dr. Scott, you are a more seasoned observer on things
      political —even Ecclesial —than I am. I’ve always been
      apolitical; “caught” political THINKING only recently. Not
      being a reporter, I’ll never get the CLOSELY OBSERVED
      “take” on players and events that, say, it is Edward Pentin’s
      very “job description”.

      However, with my Ignatian formation [ before the Jebbies
      went off the rails ], and an earned BA in philosophy and
      English, I possess the “tools” to seek out the truth based
      upon the Church’s Teaching on Faith and Morals.

      As for the Canadian Bishops and the buried indigenous
      Children narrative, Bishop Emeritus Fred Henry is “bang

      A string of HONEST PRACTICAL jobs —after being told I
      had no vocation the Jesuits —eventually planted my feet
      solidly on non-digital, non-printed, unmistakeable ground,
      earth, dirt. [ factory; taxi-driver; warehouse; cabinet-maker;
      janitor for 16 years. And who says a Janitor can’t use his
      Ignatian formation and philos/ English courses to good

      1. Thank You for the link . Thanks be to God , exceptionally timely , the article written only one week ago !!! I have to agree , Pope Francis should insist “prove it “ , and demand the receipts for the ransom money ( Church held hostage by politicians ) he is handing over. If Francis has any backbone the Holy Spirit is providing an opportunity to receive the gifts of courage and honor.

        1. Well said. Funny how the ORDINARY needed human response to Francis’
          ambiguities is thought of later than sooner. “If Francis has any backbone . . etc. ”
          exactly! But one begins to wonder if there are different “Holy” spirits. Fortunately
          we can’t judge a Pope; only God can.

          1. Bob the V2 Builder sputtered and the termites wriggled. It is like watching two hags fighting over wilted celery. Yawn.

  3. Great show as usual, Anthony. Bishop Baron proves the point why we should all be praying for all our bishops and priests.

  4. Most Loved Anthony,

    Your coverage, as most often the case , is again “spot on”. I will add , as I am a “fan” of Bishop Baron, his unplanned association with controversy has likely evolved in the last several years . Unhappiness with Bishop Baron by the social justice lunatics has abounded , as you put it , “under the radar; it has been speculated that his move from Los Angeles to Minnesota unfolded as a “punishment “ ?

    If so , one must ask the Why ? I will suggest , Twitter Wars , in which he was tagged in posts to go after him , but at no time did he respond !!! The venom ? Bishop Baron , not his fault , became sucked into EWTN politics when a certain Gloria Purvis had a falling out with her employer ( my take, in direct relation. to ideological expressions of liberation theology advocated in temporal opportunism with the George Floyd matter).
    Anyway, she was active with Word on Fire and a departure from EWTN was a departure from Word on Fire and Bishop Baron . Then, the “modernists”Catholic Twitter , Sam Rocha ( socialist /communist) and the Where Peter Is “crowd” , came to the defense of Purvis and used her cause of “racism” to challenge Bishop Baron on anything ; they went after him for having conversations with Jordan Peterson and attacked him as not being “Christian” ( like them ). They repetitively went after him on public social media to paint him a “bad” hypocrite Bishop knowing he would not respond ( probably still happening to this day ? ) .

    So, all I share , may be a larger story you might want to explore ? You could start by calling the ring leader , philosopher Sam Rocha PhD ( Franciscan University undergraduate ) – he will “nicely” give you his version of how “white privileged” Catholics support Bishop Baron because he is a white privileged Bishop ? ( CRT mindset garbage you will hear ) .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )


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