They Just Confirmed Everything Trads Have Been Saying

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Saying that Francis is the embodiment of the Spirit of Vatican 2 isn’t the good thing they think it is.




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One thought on “They Just Confirmed Everything Trads Have Been Saying

  1. What do I think is coming? I’d rather not hazard a
    guess. With Modernists “ruling the roost” the
    likelihood —from a merely human political “take”
    —is: more Modernists.

    Being the die-hard, hope-filled idealist that I am,
    I would encourage many more Bishop Stricklands
    out there to show up and be heard.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s assessment of
    the Synod on “Synodality” as SATANIC ought to
    bring a forceful urgency to uncommitted Bishops,
    i.e., to BE the Shepherds they’re SUPPOSED TO BE
    ( Ven. Fulton Sheen ). THAT, according to Bishop
    Sheen, is an essential part of the job description
    of Lay Men & Women.

    Meanwhile, the typical pattern which you have
    identified in Francis’ method, Anthony, will be an
    overall document concluding this Synod. That is,
    it will not be moderating at all, but will IN EFFECT
    be a “radical statement wrapped up in AMBIGUITY”
    [ Well-said ! ], no different from his previous key
    synods [ Family; Amazon . . ] leaving BOTH hierarchies
    around the world AND Laity still WITHOUT ANY
    just leadership owed them !!


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