They Embraced Satan: German Church Goes Off The Rails

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One of the participants literally said that they needed to smash the patriarchy.




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One thought on “They Embraced Satan: German Church Goes Off The Rails

  1. (Raymond Cardinal) “Burke: German Bishops Are
    Creating New Denomination. Seg dat maar weer,

    . . is what I posted a year ago. The concluding comment
    is in Dutch, “You can say THAT again!”

    Nothing has changed, except those Bishops’
    trajectory —except in the light of St.Bridget’s
    dire warning from Our Lady —colours their
    “We’re smarter than anybody !” attitude with
    the irreversible brush-strokes of damnation.

    . . to which a loud, relentless GLOBAL chorus of
    “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME !” might stop ’em
    from goin’ over the abyss.

    “Blessed Augustus von Galen, pray for your
    people! . . and may your prayers and intercession
    bring about the needed conversion of hearts.”


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