There’s An IMPOSTER Claiming To Be Benedict XVI & Spreading Confusion In The Church

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Pretending to be Ganswein is pretending to be Benedict. But this casts in doubt the recent bizarre letter by Benedict celebrating Vatican 2.




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4 thoughts on “There’s An IMPOSTER Claiming To Be Benedict XVI & Spreading Confusion In The Church

  1. FURTHER REFLECTION: Both Cardinals Gerhardt Müeller and
    Robert Sarah quote from Vatican II Documents, making this
    [ Sarum Rite ] Catholic feel that there us much from that Council
    most CAN BENEFIT FROM. In particular, let me quote Robert
    Cardinal Sarah, on Dei Verbum, touching on “A Sacrament for
    Conversion” [ Catechism of the Spiritual LIfe, transl. Michael
    J. Miller, from the French, EWTN, 2022, Chapter 5 ]

    “We will never be able to live our Christian life fully
    unless we let God free us from our sin .. and to let
    Him do this so as to conform our human existence
    to the very life of the Trinity .. as Vatican Council II
    teaches us:
    ‘ . . the invisible God ( Col l:15; 1 Tim 1:12 ), from
    the fullness of His Love, addresses men as His
    FRIENDS ( Ex 33:11; Jn 15: 14-15) and moves
    among them (Baruch 3: 28) in order to invite and
    receive them into his own company [ Die Verbum 2 ]
    Therefore, what matters is fellowship of life
    with Christ. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen states it
    clearly and forcefully: ‘ Centering our life on Christ
    does not mean singing hymns, reading Sacred
    Scriptures to supply our intellect WITH KNOWLEDGE,
    or covering our walls with pious slogans for our
    neighbour’s edification. We do not become
    Christian because we do a good deed each day,
    because we declare ourselves fervent supporters
    of religion, or because we join some movement
    or economic and political reform, however well-
    intentioned .. A Christian is someone who believes
    Christ is the Son of God, someone who possesses
    the life of Christ in his soul.Truly Christian life is as
    different simple human respectability as a rose is
    from crystal .. ‘ He who does not OBEY the Son
    shall not see life.'” ( Jn 3:36 )

    It is impossible to be a follower of Christ and at
    the same time an imposter within His Church.

  2. Why unpack “Badican” intrigues? It is not where Christ is at. It is to
    revisit Calvary and the “Pietá”. It is to experience what modern English
    mystic Caryll Houselander, clearly understood what WW II’s London
    blitz really was: “This is the Passion of Christ’s all over again !”.

    Let today’s Vatican imposters —whoever they might be —do their
    Faithless, sneaky and cowardly worst. They’ll end up with an idol,
    a fake christ and a fake church. At the same time, who needs to
    KNOW the dark details of these very intrigues ? [ sorry, but my
    wife is the very perceptive, avid fan of realistic infiltration/ spy
    novels, for which realism I AM grateful; but I find the Science of
    the Saints “Realer” . . and totally UP-lifting ]

    We both love the “oldies but goodies”. Last evening we watched
    another “classic” one by Catholic pessimist of pessimists, Graham
    Greene, who co-produced/ directed the late ’40s film, “Odd Man
    Out”. Come the closing scenes BOTH my wife and I spontaneously
    hollered: “BOOOOOO !!”, energetically pointing thumbs DOWN
    at the computer screen.

    “Family, Faith, and Love of Country” folks have fled those “Demon-
    crat” cities whose incumbents had chucked Christ long ago; their
    blazing downtowns —by “peaceful demonstrators” —dramatically
    underlined their decline and CORRUPTION of quality of life.

    In like manner, “Frankie” and his synodalistas continue to de-
    sacralize Christ and His Church, driving ALL true Faithful believers
    into becoming hard-core resistors against this on going “SACRED-
    IDENTITY” theft of QHAT IS & REMAINS truly, Mass-of-the-Ages,
    Traditionally CATHOLIC.

    “SAINTS PRESERVE US! . . our Grandmas used to utter.

    Our Lady of Sorrows, DO reveal to us ourselves, and our
    need for Repentance!

  3. Turnabout is fair play. B16 was part of the coverup of the impostor Sister Lucia for all his time in the Curia as well as his papacy. It’s only fitting that someone does the same for him.

  4. The B16 letter smelled fake. Seems like more breadcrumbs in that direction. Remember how Sr. Lucia changed drastically in appearance after 1959? The wretches who have always run the Bad-ican should be expected to do this. Celestine died in prisoned by his successor. Why would B16 have expected differently?


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