The Vatican Tries To Silence Good Bishops With New Social Media Document

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The references in the document to those with public positions in the Church is the giveaway.




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One thought on “The Vatican Tries To Silence Good Bishops With New Social Media Document

  1. If Pope Francis ‘ re-action to that lady is correct, then
    every man, woman, and child who was “proselytized”
    by Belgian Missionary Fr.Pierre DeSmet, SJ, “disrespected
    these people” because hie didn’t “accompany” them.

    Now, St.Thomas Acquinas, in his Summa Theologia,
    teaches that, with a person who desires to become Catholic,
    one has “to take him/her by the hand and walk with them
    into the fulness of the Faith”. [ words to that effect].

    Sounds like Pope Francis is onto something ??

    But “proselytize” in 19th Century Catholic parlance did
    not mean what it has been “spun” into currently. Pope
    Francis’ very plausible “spin” on missionary/ evangelical
    activity totally detaches it from the Church STILL living
    historical context . . which only Marxism cancels and
    changes beyond recognition. Sorry, but Church History
    can’t just be obliterated. Francis assumes that the
    larger [mis-led] body of Catholics assumed the same
    historical “blank” as he has assumed.

    By contrast let’s listen to a speech, given in 1842, by a
    Chief of the Coeur d’Alènes nation, welcoming Fr.DeSmet
    [ near today’s Stephensville, Montana ]:

    “Blackrobe, welcome to our country. Long have we
    desired to see you and be enlightened by your words.
    Our Fathers worshipped the earth and the sun. I
    remember distinctly the day we first heard of the one
    and only true God. Since then it is to Him we have
    addressed our prayers and supplications, and yet
    we are much to be pitied. We do not know the teachings
    of the Great Spirit, and WE SIT IN DARKNESS. But
    now I hope you have come to bring us light . . Speak,
    Blackrobe! Every ear is open and eager to hear your

    Solid, objective, INSTRUCTION [ from the Church’s
    Sacred Deposit of Faith ] was key to “proselytizing” then,
    but also, NEVER WITHOUT an introduction to Mary,
    MOTHER of God . . to whom Fr. DeSMet maintained
    an abiding devotion . . as he demonstrated by
    teaching her Rosary and by religious processions.

    By contrast, Francis’ so-called “accompanying” is
    purely SUBJECTIVE, with nothing to back it up
    except one’s . . er, uh, personal “say-so”.

    It seems Francis’ hates the Church’s Deposit of Faith
    as “rigid”; he seems to like “winging it” with daily
    personal encounters, and does not dare hint at
    MORAL conversion of those [higher-ups, atheists
    . . makes no difference ] living in and promoting
    serious immoral behaviour . . UNLESS the media
    have been telling lies, and Francis is really a good

    Still, what Faithful Catholic, Gospel Christian, or
    person of Good Will is going to trade the Church’s
    millennial Wisdom of the Ages, the Decalogue
    [ guarded and preserved through Catechisms and
    Councils] for this Pope’s very problematic
    agendas ??


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