2 thoughts on “The Vatican Takes Shocking Action In The Name Of Synodality

  1. The “German church”, which you, Anthony, present in
    greater detail —although let me factor in my slower-
    connecting mind —in this podcast, appears to think it
    is “specialer” than the rest of slo-mo believers, yes,
    far more “special” than the 99.9% of ordinary practising
    “plodding” German Catholics, who weren’t (for that
    reason) consulted on these “smart” and superior
    synodal moves. Treated as “dumkopfs” rather than
    in Christian Charity.

    @ 5: 50 ff ” . . the council to ERASE ALL OTHER
    COUNCILS . . ” Do they realize WHAT they are
    saying here ??? Classic MARXIST “annulment” of a
    Nation’s or (in this case) the Church’s, true Identity
    [ Mystical Body of Christ ], history, Sovereign existence,
    living Reality !

    Francis is the Piper. The “tune” he’s playing —”I
    DID IT MY WAY” — has been called, and payed for,
    by that great big Ape, Satan himself . . un-true,
    anti-Christ, anti-Church . . the biggest Lie . . a
    Murder beneath contempt.

    Truth is that Christ and His Church —always JUST
    “around the corner” from Francis and his Modernist
    cabal, his “Confederate Junta” —is infinitely larger
    in breadth, width, depth, and height than any synodal
    “brain-pickin’ ” Churchman could even begin to imagine.

    NEITHER the saving Sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary
    —renewed in “an unbloody manner” with each
    [ Apostolic ] Mass —NOR the consequent arrival
    of the promised Advocate, the Holy Spirit, at
    Pentecost, NOR His uninterrupted Unction through
    all the ages, will EVER run out of THEIR [ where
    ONE PERSON of the Blessed Trinity is, the OTHER
    TWO have to be ] “non-fossil-fuel” Heavenly
    sanctifying power, because the “Gates of Hell
    [ including Bill Gates’ global 2-cents’ worth ] will
    never prevail” against Christ and His Church.

    An idol they’re worshipping, is it? A false christ and
    a false church they’re building? It will all come
    “crashing down” on them.

    Because, if mortal sin cuts off the sinner from ALL
    Grace, it follows that the sinner freely damns
    from TRUE Christ and His TRUE Church.

    1. Post script: of course a majority of Francis followers
      may have been “suckered” into “synodality” through
      ignorance of the Faith because of over 60 years of
      NO Catechesis from their Bishops.


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