The Vatican Says That Christians Must Love Demons

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And no explanation is provided for this latest bit of Modernist nonsense.




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8 thoughts on “The Vatican Says That Christians Must Love Demons

  1. Pope Pius IX said if a future Pope reaches anything contrary to the Catholic faith, don’t follow him. He saw this fool coming.

  2. It’s impossible to have love or charity for demons. First, because they are an abomination and we owe love to God and charity toward humans. Seconds, because they cannot receive love nor charity.

    1. The obvious, so simply and well said. Pope Francis continues to boggle my mind . . only to to UNboggled
      when I recall the TASK of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry: ” . . to destroy Christ and His Church and replace it with
      an idol, a false christ and a false church.” [ . . from: To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, 1989, #406g “The
      Beast Like A Lamb” . . as found in the “Blue Book” of the Marian Movement of Priests, under Fr.Stefan Gobbi.

  3. There is a world of difference between being charitable to a rapist and empowering a rapist besides that most of the latter will resent the former. Jeremiah 11:14

  4. This one’s a “douzie”, Anthony! Right “off the bat”, it’s like “casting pearls to swine”, only ETERNAL “Porkers”, burnt to a crisp, slightly over-done, forever and ever.

    It’s an abuse of real Knowledge, the Knowledge and Logic of Acquinas, who never ceased speaking and writing
    from His Foundation, i.e. his Eucharistic Lord. “Is there anything you desire, Thomas?” . . “Only You, Lord. Only
    You!” . . always reasoning and concluding to the truth. So, “love” Demons? . . in the name of “charity” ?? Like . .
    bury me out on the LONE prairie, George!

    It is the total smearing of all “Beauty, Truth, and Goodness”, and, therefore, of all the Saints and Blesseds in Heaven,
    Christ our Hear, we the Laity on earth, and our SURE Foundation of the Sacred Deposit of Faith ( . . Scripture, Tradition, Magisterial Teaching, Wisdom of the Saints).

    It fits Francis’ ( . . and Team) hallmark imprecision, ambiguity, stratigic silences, and spontaneous air-borne blurbs, his stubborn Perònist “My way or the highway, founded NOT on Acquinas’s Crucified Lord and Saviour, but on . . uh . . “MY way”, as in Frankie Sinatra’s “song” .

    It is in sync with “lascivious-lips” Mick Jagger’s hit “Sympathy For The Devil”.

    Them blackened “Critters”, seen floating in Our Lady of Fatima’s glimpse of Hell, are there because they HAVE made their choice . . AGAINST the Will of the Trinity, AGAINST the IMMACULATE VIRGIN and MMOTHER, and AGAINST her future Saviour Son. Irrevocable! . . Demons are INCAPABLE of receiving (or ‘feeling good about”) such side-walk humanistic, false and mis-directed love.

    So, as you conclude with each podcast, “Pray for the Church! . . AVE MARIA ! (who CRUSHES Demon’s heads
    because they’re under Satan)”.

    1. CORRECTION: ” . . Christ Our Saviour in Heaven; we the Laity on earth . . “

    2. CORRECTION’ ” . . Christ our Saviour in Heaven; we, the Laity, on earth . . “

    3. Jesus has said that today most nations are ruled by the nephlim. Francis too is one and will carry on preaching error.
      Be Alert being in strong prayer, daily Rosary ,Psalm 91 etc

      Queen and Mother of the Last Times
      Snatch us out of the clutches of Evil 😈


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