The Vatican Issues Half-Hearted Response To German Schism

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That’s to be expected I guess.




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3 thoughts on “The Vatican Issues Half-Hearted Response To German Schism

  1. Tom, ain’t NO set of Heretics [ German, Roman, American,
    Icelandic, or wild “creative” Novus Ordo types ] is going
    to take down the Roman Catholic Church. Fight them,
    debate them, but not because they’re going to take down
    the Church, but because THEY’RE IN SERIOUS ERROR
    and refuse to take their “blinkers” off.

    A century and a half of Church-approved mystics, prophets,
    and, more recently, Exorcists have forcaste these dark
    chapters we’re going through, or have fought Demons to a
    “stand still”, where they have to cough up the Truth, under
    Obedience to the Exorcist.

    The consensus is “God is going to pull the plug” on demonic
    depravations attacking the Sacred and the Consecrated.
    The demons know they have only so much time, and so
    will attempt to do their worst. FOOLISH of Catholics to be
    abandoning the Church at this time. St.Peter’s cry echoes
    back, “To whom will we go, Lord?”

    Veteran Exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger analyses the “State
    of Evil in the World today”: (1hour)

    If you haven’t an hour, fast-forward to the concluding
    15 minutes [ beginning @ 40:00 ff ]. Fr. R. brings all
    outcomes to bear on God’s JUSTICE, which no one can
    “side-step”, least of all today’s “Bad Guys” . . for whom God
    reserves corresponding punishments. NObody mocks God.

  2. Let the dead bury their dead. “If the salt lose its sa our, wherewith shalt it thenceforth be salted? It is good for nothing save to be cast out and trodden underfoot by men.”

  3. Honestly who cares about the dynamics between German Heretics and Roman Heretics who occupy Rome. They are all heretics with the same goal of destroying the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church and hence from Bergoglio on down are enemies of the Church, of the Remnant Catholic Faithful and just must be resisted and fought and denounced at every turn. Enough of what does this mean and what dies this imply!!! The heretics goal is one, to destroy the Church. Enough of this useless debating and speculation. Come on! Denounce and fight the modernist heretics until they are out.


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