The Vatican Is Now Spying On Priests In Rome

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They’re not even trying to be subtle about it, either.




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One thought on “The Vatican Is Now Spying On Priests In Rome

  1. Saints preserve us ! What an era of suspicion-on-steroids!

    No wonder God is giving the Faithful a break from
    Pope Francis’ total lack of CATHOLIC Leadership by
    bringing to light the life of Sr. Wilhelmina Lancaster and
    her “Southern Baptist” style clarion call about doing His
    REAL Will . . right down to the “insignificant detail” of
    the proper habit for CONSECRATED Religious Sisters.

    Rome has GOT to investigate this objective sign from
    Heaven ! It cannot side-step it, or let it slide into a
    cancelled state with “greas” phraseology and grammar.

    The APOSTOLIC MASS still stands (!) in spite of the
    on-going hurricane of ambiguity, like the granite Lighthouse
    it always was.

    You’ve been caught, Pope Francis! All eyes of the
    Faithful are on you as to your “spin” on this sure
    sign . . or maybe this JOYFULLY intrepid nun will empty
    you of all further “spins” . . ?


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