The Vatican Betrays The Faith In The Name Of Human Fraternity

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The laity near the Vatican couldn’t even be bothered to attend, even with free food and entertainment provided.




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3 thoughts on “The Vatican Betrays The Faith In The Name Of Human Fraternity

  1. Everything in this moronic document is utterly oriented towards the effeminate, the emasculate, the Sorority of Sororitality of the dances and twirlers and dull demons of the occupiers of the Vatican.

  2. Dear Anthony ,

    The letter you read is a marvel of communist word salads, Orwellian themes, and a “call to arms” in advocacy of “environmental fraternity” . The god of inspiration is Mother Earth and its inhabitants, evolutionary man ( we are at end of times and the next era proposed is AI , a world command economy, globalism, with digital currency ) , and the elimination of The Holy Family ( non binary identity assignment upon the asking ) .

    Since the begging of time , biblically recorded , the mechanism of economy has been trade , exchange , free markets . There have been many system iteration relied upon to promote and facilitate the distribution of scarce resources. Anthropologically they begin with hunter/gatherer, move to family agriculture ,
    extend to barter , then exchange ( money ),
    as produces regulations ( City/States ) , as creates wealth ( kingdoms ) , and yields technologies of participation ( markets ) .

    Adam Smith wrote of the invisible hand ( Holy Spirit ) as acts through men as instruments to bring opportunity’s of participation to all of God’s children – it is the Holy Spirit that fights our battles of greed, envy , lust , and power . The Holy Spirit , in the distribution of economic resources, like rain , falls upon the good and the bad .

    Marx, with Vatican prelates as unwitting advocates ? , now use “pretty words” to entice “The Love of Money” ( the root of all evil ) . I provide that which I gleaned from your reading :

    How to create this “New Church” ( novus order ) ? The call to Personal Fraternity ( presumed accomplished by parishes ? )
    -Public Squares
    -Decision making institutions ( academia )

    Unfortunately, the above is true , BUT only if those now in the pews were those whom others looked to for direction!!! The present reading is “upside down” as it adopts a role for His Church which is subservient to those already in positions of governance – a promotion to go along to get along (demonic) .

    The letter read goes even farther , to “guilt trip” everyone, to suggest all should be accomplished by a DEVOTION to social fraternity:
    -Equal Dignity ( a good )
    -Equal opportunities of choice ( a good )
    -Equal opportunities of education ( a good )
    -Equal opportunities of economics ( a good
    -Friendships ( a good )
    -Belonging ( a good )
    -Education ( a good )
    -Mutual respect ( a good )
    -Social solidarity ( a good )
    -Universal concerns for welfare ( a good )
    -Work ( a good )
    -Mutual respect ( a good )
    -Hospitality ( a good )
    -Human relationships ( a good )
    -Just ecological transitions ( a good )

    BUT , again , who is the “god” to be
    served ? . It seems to be the god of “environmental fraternity “:
    -Peace with nature
    -Peace with “fate” of world
    -Sustainable agriculture
    -Care for creation
    -Care for the world
    -Enhancements of freedom and equality

    What a waste of time ? If Bishops and priests were to regularly evangelize the Godless, as written, there would be no need to play politics with socialism and communism? Well taught disciples in the pews would go out after each Mass and share His kingdom if encouraged to do so !!
    Systems change from within , not from the top down . Hearts and minds are grass roots and will invariably lead lives of grass root authenticity , or not .Believers already have the most important ingredients, faith and common sense. Top down instructions on how to live out “social justice” will ultimately fail. Teach people God’s word and hammer home their ability to love the other in daily acts of love is The Way to His Kingdom ( on earth as it is in heaven ).

    Blessings, Raphael

  3. ” . . the men were all set to fight the on-coming [ Nazi ]
    Germans. BUT THEY WERE NOT LED. This elimination
    of officers was characteristic of German methods; it
    WAS ACHIEVED principally by their FIFTH COLUMN in
    Rome” —Jane Scrivener, Inside Rome With The
    Germans; WW II, 1943-44, “Forward”, by Carton
    J.H. Hayes, late American Ambassador to Spain.

    Fifth Column? . . possible all yer Modernists under
    Ambrose . . er, uh Ambiguous, leaving the FAITHFUL
    without a leader to NIX the monkeying-around
    WITHIN the Church, betraying those truly CATHOLIC

    @6: 44 ” . . Every man is our brother, every woman
    is our sister, ALWAYS . . ” [ except Traditionalists, like
    those Benedictine Nuns and similar consecrated
    communities ]

    A complete “open-ended” Manifesto for SECULAR
    “saints”, the unholy perfect, the current “Cathari”,
    promoted by an untrustworthy, dictatorial idealist and
    his avaricious, even-less trustworthy “5th column”.

    Sorry! I’m mixing historical metaphors.


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