The Vatican Actually Thinks Trad Catholic Podcasts Are The Problem

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They must be delusional. There is an awakening happening among the laity and Catholic commentators are helping it but not driving it.


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One thought on “The Vatican Actually Thinks Trad Catholic Podcasts Are The Problem

  1. I’m told that what the 15th c. Spaniards heard as “Guadalupe” — corresponding in sound to a Marian shrine back home — in fact means, in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language, “She Who conquers the Serpent Dragon.” It is more than curious that Pachapapa would promote this image over and against the miraculous one, which likewise played no small role in the Battle of Lepanto. At some point, the Catholic Faithful will have no alternative but to admit what many have been claiming for some time: Ratzinger’s renunciation of a “ministerium” was not that of a “munus”; that the act was instrinsically defective, therefore null and we are dealing with an imposter on the Throne, the like of which the Church has never previously seen. It behooves us to pray ardently for Benedict who, for reasons known but to him, has chosen this strategy. Sadly, it would seem, the game plan shall likely lead to further, illicit conclaves, unless the very venerable Deutscher has a ace up his sleeve of which we’ve yet to learn.


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