The US Bishops Have Been Accused Of Betraying Francis

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If you don’t love the Synod and make it the focus of your entire life then you’re a bad person.




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3 thoughts on “The US Bishops Have Been Accused Of Betraying Francis

  1. Well . . ” . . Bishops demand that we be more
    synodal . . ” (previous podcast); ” . . Bishops have
    been accused of betraying Frances . . ” (current

    Frankly, I’ll continue to guide and anchor myself and my
    Salvation following Bishop Schneider’s “Catechism of the
    [Apostolic] Mass” : The Catholic Mass: Steps to RESTORE the
    Centrality of God in the Liturgy (13 chapters).

    As for current Bishops monkeying around with Frankie’s
    “synodal” Synod . . well, they’re monkeying around. Is anyone
    CERTAIN it will even take place? For this “rigid” Roman
    Catholic, the word, plan, and verbose lead-up to this Synod
    have always been, and remain, a non-starter. The number
    of synodal followers betrays their deep ignorance of
    what THE CHURCH teaches.

    Whereas . . Bishop Schneider’s THE CATHOLIC MASS
    has received intelligent, non-combative acclaim from:
    Martin Mosbach, Msgr. Nicola Bux, Cardinal Joseph Zen,
    Dr. Scott Hahn, and Robert Cardinal Sarah, with who’s
    key insight i’ll conclude: “Bishop Schneider’s PROFOUND
    REVERENCE [ modernists don’t know the meaning of the
    word, let alone its practise!] for the Mass and the Blessed
    Eucharist grew out of his experience of [ Believers’ ]

    Then there’s further resources to fall back on: The Roman
    Catechism; the Catechism of Trent; St.John Paul II’s
    Catechism of the Catholic Church; Ludwig Ott’s exhaustive
    treatment of the Catholic Faith. But Bishop Schneider’s
    is an easier read, being both Faithful to the Deposit, and

    Well, then . . let current persecutions proceed. Pope Francis’
    “synodal” church has a L O N G way to go before the
    scales drop from their eyes as to W H O it is before W H O M
    they stand . . kneel . . and prostrate IN ADORATION.

    1. Unfortunately, the 1992-93 catechism is based on the reductionist view of sin as “contrary to human dignity” rather than as an offense against God, and in the case of the James Martin sin, minimizing it merely as “disordered” rather than as an abomination and a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

      1. Mr. John H., I don’t know anything about “reductionist views”
        “contrary to human dignity” [ which sounds more like the deification
        of the human AS HUMAN, i.e., an idol, but only Our Lady is sinless,
        and not an idol to be falsely worshipped ]. Sin is, and remains —as
        you specify —an offence against God, and homosexuality —as
        you also say —is [one of the four] sins that cry out to Heaven
        for vengeance. So, put the CCC on “hold”. For thoroughness stick
        with Ott. For simplicity, yet completeness, the Baltimore will do.

        Yet even here St. Bernadette of Lourdes was poor in Catechetical
        theology, and Our Lady chose this shepherdess to “sweep out the
        Church with the Immaculate Conception”. As well, during the
        Franco-Prussion war, the Sisters of Nevers were called upon to
        help with nursing duties. The wounded men LIKED Sr. Marie
        Bernard [Bernadette] because of her buoyant humour.

        “For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, Eternal Father,
        have mercy upon us and upon the whole world”


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