The Truth About The UN NWO

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I didn’t believe that the UN would be so stupid as to have an organization with a name like this, but the United Nations New World Order Project is real. That’s the caliber of enemy Christians have.

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  1. Noah Marshall

    I listen to you on youtube. Your subject matter is always informative. God’s blessings on you and your work.
    p.s. I’m a Catholic convert as well.


  2. Michael Dowd

    Good stuff Anthony. My guess that the ‘Happytalism’ will be an easy sell especially among Liberals, young people, Vatican II Catholics, “Pope” Francis and, most importantly, the elites. In fact, it is a concept created by the elites.

    ‘Happytalism’ sounds like something the anti-Christ would dream up. Accordingly, this and all the current world trends point towards his coming in the not too distant future.


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