The Three Days of Darkness & The Restoration of the Church

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A lot of people think the three days of darkness is nonsense. If that’s the case then why did mystics predict this going back to the 6th century?

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Sources: Books like The End of the Present World, as well as Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph.

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  1. Joe D

    The Born Again Protestants are also accepting that the three days of darkness is due going forward. In their website they make this clear.

    Linda Courtney from this denominations has given an excellent portrayal of the 3DOD on YT. She has given the same details what catholic mystics have given and added left out details eg when Nibru covers the earth it should go into the
    ice age but it won’t as Jesus says that He will hold the temp at 55°.

    Whew ! Its coming……..

  2. Michael Dowd

    Thanks Anthony. Well, to me what you enumerated about past descriptions about the future state of the world and the Church is an incipient characterization of the present time. We should take all of this as a high probability and live our lives accordingly being as holy as we can be.

    We should also be alert to whatever Archbishop Vigano reveals to us as, in my opinion, he has been appointed by God as His spokesman who reveals the truth as the Church itself no longer fulfills that role.


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