The Third Secret of Fatima: Why It Was Never Fully Revealed

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One Cardinal who knew Pope John XXIII assures us that the Third Secret of Fatima probably had little to do with Russia directly.




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2 thoughts on “The Third Secret of Fatima: Why It Was Never Fully Revealed

  1. Everyone who muses over the contents of the Third Secret shows clearly that they missed the boat about The Issue at hand.

    The logic thread:

    * The original sin is Disobedience.
    * Prophecies throughout the ages point to the Tribulation, chastisement, etc.
    * Marian Prophecies throughout the centuries also point to the End and what humanity needs to do to avoid/minimize.
    * In October 1917 Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart so she could stop the errors. The Bol. Revolution was February 1918.
    * No Consecration took place, and Communist Russia legalized abortion (Satan’s sacrament) in November 1920. (Oh, the consequences of disobedience!)
    * Pope John XXIII was supposed to release the contents in 1960. Another act of disobedience.

    All that followed (and still follows) is the natural consequence of humanity’s collective disobedience. We are living in the time that was foretold up to 2,000 years ago because we (various individuals at a specific point in time (e.g. Pope in 1918/19, Pope in 1960)) failed to do the right thing – be obedient and trust in God and His (and our) Mother.

    It matters little what the Third Secret is. It totally matters that we were disobedient.

    We suffer from wolves instead of shepherds who lead tens of millions to perdition. Our hierarchy closed the Church, something desired by Marx and never accomplished by Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. Hard for sheep to stay safe when we are lead by wolves who want only our destruction.

    Would the Consecration and disclosure of the Secret changes things now? I suspect we are too far down the rabbit hole to get off that easy.

    So what to do? Obey God’s laws, pray, love your family (and friends and neighbors). Sadly, I believe things must get much worse before we have our intervention.

  2. I believe the 3rd Secret foretold what would happen to the institutional structure of the Catholic Church if Our Lady’s requests were not followed, i.e, be infiltrated and taken over by Satan as a tool for the Church’s destruction.

    Vatican II was the tool for this destruction as indicated in the Secret. This destruction has now been completed among most of the hierarchy.

    Pope John XXIII was a bad Pope who disobeyed Our Lady. All the Popes who followed him either aided the destruction of the Church or did little to remedy it.

    We now await the Great Chastisement as God’s remedy for the Church’s failure to obey Our Lady.

    May God have mercy on us all.


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