The Third Secret of Fatima: Revealed?

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Book: The Fourth Secret of Fatima, Antonio Socci

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2 thoughts on “The Third Secret of Fatima: Revealed?

  1. We are working on getting a Latin Mass said on the first Saturdays at the sacred heart Catholic Church in Winchester, VA. Father Lundberg is very open to it and said he has to work out the scheduling. We expect to hear from him before the end of the month.

  2. Excellent presentation Anthony. You preach mainly to choir. What we hear about our Lady’s message in our Novus Ordo parishes is ‘one hand clapping’. From all indications the Novus Ordo purpose of the Church is to make physical life on earth better. In our Cathedral parish there is no tabernacle, no cross. Just recently the a statue of the ‘Homeless Jesus’ was placed outside the door as if to confirm Christ had been expelled from the Church. And a couple of years ago on October 13th, Our Lady of Fatima day, our Rector failed to even mention it in his homily. And now we have anti-pope Bergoglio. Can divine recompense be long in coming?


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