The Satanic Season Is Upon Us And The Church Remains Mostly Silent

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At least the paedos, groomers, and the people boasting of their pride are open about their Satanism now.




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2 thoughts on “The Satanic Season Is Upon Us And The Church Remains Mostly Silent

  1. We shouldn’t call these people ‘Catholic’ any more than we should call biological men ‘Women’.
    Duquesne is grounded zero of the “Catholic Charismatic” movement, so not surprised they advance this insanity also.

  2. Anthony, thank you for promoting and defending the
    Feast day in the Church which is MOST conducive to
    “working out our Salvation” !

    Introduced in 1673 —through five apparitions of Jesus
    to Sr. Margaret Mary Alacoque of St.Francis de Sales’
    Visitation Order in France —encouraged by her confessor
    [St. Claude de la Colombière], both the Sacred Heart
    symbol and a Feast day were quickly established and
    disseminated by the Hierarchy of POLAND.

    Four hundred years later, Karol Wojtyla as a young cleric
    benefitted immensely from that decision by his Nation’s
    Hierarchy. With an abiding deep devotion to the Sacred
    Heart of Jesus, AS POPE he composed a brief meditation
    for each of the invocations of the LITANY of the Sacred

    Proof of this Feast’s enduring attraction —simplicity,
    gentle power, Merciful Love, and accompanying
    promises —will be its indestructible existence long
    after the current attacks outa Hell against it have
    been re-shackled back into that place of envy and


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