The Part Of The Fatima Message The Laity Ignored, and Pius XII’s Peace Message

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A peace message seems timely, and Lent is a season of penance, so starting the Five First Saturdays is appropriate for Lent.


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3 thoughts on “The Part Of The Fatima Message The Laity Ignored, and Pius XII’s Peace Message

  1. Anthony, Fr. Rafferty leaves us with a rather cryptic message regarding Fatima and a seventh appearance. Lucy smiles at this but wouldn’t comment, as if to say Our Lady’s appearance will be significant. I just thought that was an interesting point from the good Father.

  2. Awesome Anthony,

    I began in 2003 and observed my life change, my family change, and my relationships with those around me change.
    The world around me changed – or did ?
    What I do know, if anyone opens themselves to unite their heart with the Immaculate Heart of Mary ( consecration ) ,
    the bond of Holy Spirit Love, which binds, is invited into each life who has chosen to ask a binding of their heart with Mary’s ( where you find Mary’s heart you will also find the Sacred Heart of Jesus – the Rosary and Scapular inseparable , the Hearts of Mary and Jesus inseparable ) .

    It is a scandal , in 20 ears I have heard ZERO from the ambo about anything related to end of times. The instruction of tolerance has replaced any call to prayer.Mary’s messages are at worse discounted and at best willfully ignored ( benign neglect ) by almost everyone .

    Can you imagine ( not John Lennon’ refrain of tolerance ) , BUT a world in which every Catholic might choose to enroll themselves in The Brown Scapular ?

    Most priests know better, it’s the zeitgeist of our times to go along to get along. Wearing The Scapular is not for a luke warm or timid
    soul who will be “spit out” . It’s for any soul who pray’s for His Love, His Mercy , and His forgiveness . When The Rosary is prayed is when the Holy Spirit action in a soul’s life becomes amplified by His Graces.When that soul prays with an intent of reparation is whim the fruits of relationship abound ;courage , dedication, wisdom, knowledge, and perseverance arrive in an ever increasing amplification as sensible .

    Consecration,The Scapular , and The Rosary all contribute to The Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart . The choice, “Will I step out of the modernist routine of conformance with culture ( both Church and State ) or will I embrace the supernatural promises of The Holy Trinity and Mary ?”

    I encourage, step out of that comfort zone.
    Avail oneself to accept and surrender to The True Magisterium and catechism.
    Become a volunteer of Mary’s Blue army church militant . AND bring recruits with you.

    The “times” do not allow any other rationale choice. Be that person who knows their prayer can make a difference – forgive the other, love the other , and the other in God’s Providence will experience a conversion to do the same.

    God Bless, Raphael

  3. ” I can think of no better way to spend this Lent”
    Amen! to that. And thank you for spelling out in
    detail [ once again ! ] this saving Devotion for
    Catholics at least . . “Heaven’s Peace Plan”.

    Our son Peter has been “quietly” —Civil Engineer
    down the road, married, recently father to
    their first child, a girl — wearing it and living it,
    SO “quiet” . . yet his example has burned off
    the “rust” accumulated on his Dad’s own long-held
    KNOWLEDGE of this Devotion, but —practise wise —
    FADED with the accumulated “dust” of digital
    distractions and —even more so —the “language”
    of the parking lots around here [ two four-storey
    complexes, with 136 renters and owners each ]

    Week days they’re more than half empty; gone
    to work . Saturday’s —and Sundays (for sure!) —
    the lots remain full.

    No Faith. A smattering of practising Catholics
    perhaps, who actually drive to Church Sundays.
    But, on the whole, zero manifestation of a Living
    Faith . . let alone any Marian Devotion.

    The one and only [large!] Catholic Parish in this
    growing Prairie town is Novus Ordo. I HAVE seen
    the Brown Scapular on individuals, but it seems
    perpetuated “on the sly”, so to speak. Not
    promoted or talked about.

    Looks like I better get MY act “TOGETHER”!


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