4 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Catholic Alive

  1. Hello and a sincere thank you for your work. I belong to category of people termed,”targeted individuals” (by the “deep state”) so forgive the lack of personal details. I haven’t planned on testifying against Hillary Clinton or anything but you wouldn’t know it after what I’ve been put through (and yes I used to work in Washington).

    What prompted me to write however is actually superficial: Your audio quality has noticeably deteriorated over the last couple of weeks to where it sounds like your talking into a coffee can, and requires a speech to text translation to ensure accuracy. But your recent Pope Leo XIII “Americanism” sounded back to par. Hope that continues.

    Since I’m here though I wish to share an opinion which I believe also provides a key: The Masons have teamed with the Saudis to destroy all governments and religions on earth. They’ve teamed with others for this purpose as well (including some people in corporations etc.) , but this seems to be the least understood relationship. General Wesley Clark had a hit list of Mid East countries which I believe would have united to oppose this. They have been or are being taken out one by one no matter who the president is. This paves the way for an apocalyptic war upon Israel by the Saudi’s and their proxies.

    The two share a theocratic one world government and religion objective in common. I believe the masons are at the very least using the Saudis to further this and might turn on them after they do their dirty work, or they might even be 100% in on it with them (who have behaved as religious hypocrites anyway since their origin). Or it could be somewhere in between.

    The Saudis proxies include the 31 flavors of Al Qaeda which include Isis, al nusra, boka haram, al shabab, the Taliban etc who all were indoctrinated with – and practice – the Saudi denomination of Islam, “Wahhabism.” This is not just under reported, but censored throughout western media and politics. They are the ones you hear about in the news daily that commit crimes of terrorism.

    The other key is Netanyahu’s partnership with a country such as the Saudis (that crucify Christians to this day) and his constant defending and treating (in hospitals) of the Saudis proxies- the 31 flavors of Al Qaeda. It is my belief that he is also in on it, as a Cabalistic – so called – “Jew” which, really isn’t Jewish anyway but all things Cabalistic are also masonic.

    It is my belief that this key exposes what Netanyahu truly intends for Israel: It’s destruction. And it’s destruction at the hands of the Saudi’s and their proxies which if he gets his way in an apocalyptic war, will surround Israel posing the greatest danger it has seen. The Saudis chop of heads of those who don’t convert all the time, even fellow Muslims. Same with their proxies Al Qaeda’s. This is unfortunately what I believe is in store for Israel if Netanyahu and his buddies the Saudis get their way in the Middle East.

    1. I recently had a ceiling installed in my home office that should help with the audio quality. I’m not sure about the ‘coffee can’ thing though.

  2. Thanks Anthony for cluing us onto another Catholic martyr in the making. This guy is doing the work our priests and Bishops are supposed to do but either believe chastity is no longer important or don’t have the courage of their weak convictions. All of this is another example of the corruption in the Church resulting from the Modernist spirit of Vatican II.


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