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But remember: traditionalists are the ones in schism.


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  1. ServusOLMC

    Apparently the German bishops have no knowledge of psalm 109.
    Or they do and simply want to hurry the well prophesised schism on to reality!
    No doubt our beloved church is going through its passion at the behest of all bishops but led by the Germans.
    Poor Anne Catherine Emmerich, a great German saint! Her account of Our Lord’s Agony in the Garden and the suffering of Our Lady during that time is easy to understand now!
    And no doubt Pope Benedict is also suffering as his country men do their best to give Satan’s planned destruction of the church of Our Divine Lord, its best options!
    Thankfully we know Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end!
    if only the world would fall to its knees as one, and pray the rosary together that triumph would be here within 24 hours!!!


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