The Modernists BRAG About What Francis Is Doing To The Church

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They keep repeating that its a new religion, so why won’t we listen?



  1. Francis Kicks Cardinal Burke To The Curb
  2. Courageous Bishop Takes Stand Against Heretical Synod
  3. The Coalition For Canceled Priests Just Cancelled Its Founder
  4. Francis' Old Adversary Speaks Out In Defense Of Canceled Priests
  5. Bishop Schneider's Clear Warning Against Chaos In The Church


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2 thoughts on “The Modernists BRAG About What Francis Is Doing To The Church

  1. Concerning the “synodal path”, which was ABANDONED
    in the early Church because of serious “finger-pointing”,
    (@13:30) . . shall we abandon the Church’s Moral teachings?
    . . abandon the “Rock” (which Peter IS!) and be LOST? . .
    build ON SAND and sink? . . kick AGAINST “the ROCK” —
    like some peevish little kid —and BE bruised?

    I should think not.

    SAFETY and SECURITY exist solely ON “the ROCK” . .
    prayer, the Sacraments, Confession AND ABSOLUTION,
    Communion through the Mass and EucharistIic Adoration
    —and not through [ somehow, by one’s own efforts-apart
    -from SACRAMENTAL-Grace ? ] “drawing closer to God
    and each other”? Latterday Pelagianism ! Masonic view
    of man: infinitely perfectible WITHOUT Divine Grace!

    @3:48 ” .. gathering, praying .. and listening [ like Anglican
    fellowship? ] . . both urgent and SEEMINGLY impossible . . ”

    . . but EMINENTLY possible AS BAPTIZED Catholics, in
    the Church’s Sacred-Deposit-of-Faith scheme of Believing
    and Living!

    “Synodality” and the “synodal way” is EXTRANEOUS
    to the CATHOLIC FAITH . . which existed already

    So-called “synodality” is a foreign IMPOSITION on
    the “Faith of our Fathers”, imprisoning ourselves,
    imposed by specious and deceptive interlopers . .
    “Gate [ of Heaven ] Crashers”!

    To “draw closer to God and each other” presupposes —
    REQUIRES —the NORMAL path towards Holiness and
    [ Eternal ! ] Salvation, i.e., the Prayer and Sacramental
    Life of the Church . . LIVED! . . which means also
    constant learning and studying FIRST!

    Then we might BEGIN to understand the teaching [ on
    Prayer ] by the Doctor of Prayer, St. Teresa of Avila :

    ” . . prayer is nothing other than an intimate FRIENDSHIP, a
    FREQUENT conversation with Him, BY WHOM [ i.e. through
    the Gospel accounts & the Mass] I KNOW MYSELF TO BE

    To make all of the above simple and do-able, I recommend
    not only Consecration to the Immaculate (for all), but also
    CONSECRATION TO ST. JOSEPH (for men especially).

    Held back by THAT “tether”, Impulsive and temperamental
    Grandpa Bob here is kept in close check under Joseph’s
    moment-by-moment direction. Gramps Bobby S L O W L Y
    learns to be JUST LIKE his mentor :

    “a model of Fatherhood”
    “a protector of Holy Church ( HIS family )”
    “mirror of patience” ( . . TOUGH ONE !! )
    ” . . just [ fair ], chaste [ custody of one’s 6 senses ],
    prudent [ think twice before acting ], strong [ exercise
    mind, heart, and muscles ], obedient [ to a conscience
    formed to Truth – Faith and Morals ]. faithful, poor
    (in spirit), thorough in sweeping floors. . . ”
    “glory of home life [ happy, playful grandkids ]”
    “guardian of virgins [ modesty in dress, talk, manner ]”
    “pillar of families [ “Grandpa, you’re funny ! ” ]
    “solace of the wretched” [ becomes adept at smiles and
    laughter-producint pantomime ]
    “hope of the sick” [ stay away from their colds! ” absence
    makes their little hearts ask for G & G more intensely! ]
    “Support and comfort of the dying” [ . . yet to be experienced ]
    “Terror of demons” [ Prayers to Joseph and Michael “on the side”,
    for the Grandchildren ]

  2. Anthony,

    I will propose to you that the following scripture verse to be “The Stumbling Block”. In other words Jesus, His Word (s)
    then ( 2000 years ago ) as today , are again The Crux of the matter .

    John 20:23, Jesus tells His disciples, “If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” The very core of the gospel .

    In formation , His Church, His priests , knew the requirement of confession , know themselves as anointed , and know their sacramental action , in persona Christi , as the gateway to forgiveness .

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    A: Guilt and Shame ; that associated with His Priest , in sacramental action , who has the James Martin sin marked in their memory, as may be alive in action “outside the box “. It is given by The Holy Spirit to forgive a like minded penitent . It is done .
    Prayer of contrition spoken, penance given,
    and absolution offered .

    Great !!! Conversion !!! BUT the priest has not converted !!!

    The priest, up to the High priest, know the confessional and use the confessional , BUT to go and sin no more part is ignored or difficult for them ( as for all of us ) . Yet,
    these priests, in their lack of willful intent to repent, experience the temptations of flesh pleasures to great. In their weakness they accept for themselves the satanic lie “You were born that way”… “There is no hope for you to change “ …. “ You confess a sin that is not a sin “ … “You forgive those of a sin who falsely believe they have sined “

    So, in this dynamic , Padre Pio might have scolded them out of the confessional and told them to come back latter when ready ?

    Rather than conversion of themselves , what is easier ? Conversion of the sheep to their pig sty ? It’s all about “changing the rules” so that the biggest offenders are not subject to them ? AND , while they forgive each other in the confessional , they forget, that True and final Judgement comes from Jesus and The Holy Spirit who gifted Padre Pio with His gifts of discernment .

    All the theology and parsing of words , all the thousands of pages of men authored opinions, as St.Thomas Aquinas spoke , to paraphrase .. “are like straw”

    Blessings, Raphael


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