The Modernists Are Nervous About Their Hold On Power (plus Fulton Sheen)

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Everyone is (probably prematurely) talking about the next conclave to elect Francis’ successor. The Modernists should be confident but aren’t.




Saturday Educational: Fulton Sheen on Tradition and Scientism



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2 thoughts on “The Modernists Are Nervous About Their Hold On Power (plus Fulton Sheen)

  1. Fulton Sheen made a reference to a pope teaching via poetry. Does anyone know what that reference is? Which pope? Which poem?

  2. N E R V O U S ?? Why do these fellows always SEEM
    to want TO CONTROL events . . like precocious four-
    year-olds in the height of their excitement ??

    From this Prairie Grandpa observer they get a gratuitous
    slap on the wrist, with instructions TO SIT ON THEIR

    Back off. Let the HOLY Spirit get “a Word in” edgewise!

    Our paraplegic friend, John, in spite of his “handicap”,
    would never hesitate to tell us healthy types to: “Relax
    your nerves! Relax your nerves!” John’s astute perspective
    came from a “special place” born of his “handicap”.

    Maybe by sitting on their hands our lavender-robed
    leaders just might give “Be wise as serpents, GENTLE
    as doves” a chance, and become genuinely child-


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