The Modernists Are Already Worried About The Next Conclave

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Apparently having the traditional method of electing the pope is just too much for these people and they want Francis to change it.


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One thought on “The Modernists Are Already Worried About The Next Conclave

  1. I rolled my eyes when Fagioli essentially said, “how dare you!” to Catholics for being upset about the way the Church has been run in recent years. Massimo seems to forget that “clericalism” was a term coined by Church leaders THEMSELVES many years ago to describe rotten and currupt Church leadership. He also forgets that these same prelates have been doing a two-decade “mea culpa” over their self-admitted “clericalism”. So apparently “clericalism” and the abuses of the laity that come with it are real, according to the Vatican and modernist Catholics like Fagioli, but we the abused laity are not allowed to acknowledge it or seek solutions in the form. Apparently, we are at once supposed to decry “clericalism” while at the same time allowing ourselves to be “clericalized”.


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