The Jesuits Are Trying To Remind Francis What The Satanic Synod Is Really About

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Sodomy and theological gender bending, as always.




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2 thoughts on “The Jesuits Are Trying To Remind Francis What The Satanic Synod Is Really About

  1. I’m going to contrast this never-ending train of
    yet more preparations for the Synod on “Synodality”
    . . like a classic John Wayne movie, where he keeps
    on adding to the plot, tacking on more and more
    scenarios as if to give viewers their “money’s worth”.

    Not long ago in our “patch” of the Alberta Prairies, I
    mischievously called our town’s local dog-walkers “the
    local atheists” . . no doubt a loneliness bred by isolation
    from any form of real Community. Our form of “our
    gang” togetherness is Grand parenting, sometimes
    with tears and conflict, most times with lively, though
    ordinary, conversation and decision-making. Yes,
    the kids want a dog. Mom wants a big one. The
    girls are crazy about horses. For Jakob diggers &
    trucks and tractors totally fulfill is three-year-old

    Our Ordinairiate Parish, though small, is “busting out”
    with larger families with “just-borns” and young kids.

    Our “secular” citizens seem loath to raise more than one.

    From observation, one reason for such super-cautious
    approach to life —besides diapers, food, clothing,
    shelter and the rest —could be that little ones starting
    a [ normal ] crying session and about to reach “third gear”,
    are very hard to take when one belongs, really, to no
    community . . especially a Faith community.

    What I mean is that, for we Catholics, baptized parents,
    who are adopted Children of God, AND their baptized
    children who are ALOS heavenly adoptees, can
    and do weather a NON-forecast storm of tears from
    young ‘uns, especially during a Mass on Sundays.

    Our acquired —AND gifted —awareness is that WE
    ARE ALL ONE FAMILY. And who wants to flee from
    “fellow families” because of one, or two, sometimes
    three crying spells? We offer our selves and our day
    with Christ’s Offering at Mass. We receive, in turn,
    His precious Body and Blood as heavenly Food.
    Thus strengthened and re-Energized spiritually, Dad,
    Mom and children are equipped to meet the week,
    applying the Lord’s Charity to “Neighbour” in whatever
    form or necessity.

    Then there is family Fellowship right after Mass,
    where all tears have mysteriously disappeared, and
    kids can run around, play tag, race . . and parents
    can share the latest of the previous week and more!

    Synodality ?! . . has it ANYTHING to offer? Let
    Francis lead them back to ordinary Faith, ordinary
    Catholic worship, ordinary leisure and fellowship.

    “The JOY of the LORD is my strength !” (one of
    the Psalms).

  2. Since no faithful catholic woman would present herself for ordination, what we’d get is a whole bunch of Lady Martins (a la James) pushing for legitimacy for that behavior, and for the church to relax its teaching on “preventive chemicals and devices” (I’m practicing your technique, Anthony.). In other words, not to serve Christ, but to serve an agenda–like their male counterparts.


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