One thought on “The Hidden Demon Unleashing The AntiChrist

  1. Excellent letter by Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli which clearly summarizes the Machiavellian tactics used at Council of Vatican II for the purpose of destroying the Catholic faith, now nearly fully accomplished, i.e., most Catholics have been transformed into Protestants.

    I particularly enjoyed the somewhat insouciant manner the good Professor went about destroying the devilish behind the Vatican II rationale and game plan. Yes, we should find humor in the devil’s tactics as they are only effective when minds have been clouded by sin and not open to the clarifying grace of God.

    Let us hope more theologians will come to support Archbishop Vigano in his efforts to have Vatican II abrogated in its entirety. However, I am afraid this will not take place till after the Great Chastisement as the Church now appears to be firmly in the hands of the father of lies.


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