The Firing Of Bishop Strickland Was Meant To Send A Message, Plus A Reflection From St Alphonsus Liguori

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The Popesplaining Media is out in force celebrating the firing of Bishop Strickland from the diocese of Tyler, Texas.





St Alphonus Liguori



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8 thoughts on “The Firing Of Bishop Strickland Was Meant To Send A Message, Plus A Reflection From St Alphonsus Liguori

  1. Most Loved Anthony,

    VERY SAD . Bishop Kicanas was just in my town promoting EWTN radio. One week latter his participatory role in Bishops Stricklands removal revealed . For a Bernadine communist from Chicago, with the political tactics of a Saul Alinsky, Kicanas continues in his role as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    The problem is that “king” Francis has no Esther to counsel wisdom . In the present moment Haman is Bishop Kicanas who built the gallows for Mordecai ( Strickland ) . BUT , remember your “old” testament, “there is nothing new under the sun” , and who eventually did the gallows recieve ?

    AND , it is of value to recall The Trinitarians of Mary. Bishop Kicanas , Tucson , 2016 , likely learned of an FBI investigation involving a lay person of his diocese; one previously tied to the priest abuse scandal in Tucson Federal Court , 2005 ( eventual bankruptcy of diocese ).

    Past circumstances involved a certain parish with inter generational abusive priests and a Blessed Sacrament Chapel desecrated by occult acts; four abusive priests are documented to this parish over 20 years ( the pride flag has waved on the rectory driveway entrance ). One of the priests is responsible for canceling a whistleblower seminarian (discharged from seminary months before his ordination ). The actions of the abusive priest reached Cardinal Levada and by extension Benidict (nothing happened – bankruptcy erases all the “stories” ).

    It is then this same Bishop Kicanas , 2016 , who then most likely green lighted pipe line “Catholics” from Canada to perform a “visitation” to the Trinitarians of Mary; an investigation of a donation as the FBI researched money transfers. So Bishop Kicanas likely used the FBI for his Church investigation ? In other words he endorsed the Churches participation in a FBI investigation of laity ? He did so knowing the innocence of the laity from the get go ?

    The circumstances of the FBI investigation involved a crook and active litigation in Arizona Superior Court; the crook litigant eventually “won” his case by buying a corrupt judge. Their combined actions compromised the Department of Justice and the Superior Court. The Arizona Governor , to protect the Court , appointed the crooks lawyer ( 2017 ) to the Superior Court after he had withdrawn from the case ; the crook filed a fraudulent tax return for the LLC,as Manager, in the course of litigation. When made Manager of the LLC , by the currupt judge during the dispute, the crook took control of all bank accounts and went on to theft all the assets in “broad daylight “ ( with the FBI, the Court, and lawyers watching – VERY DEMONIC ). The Court could do nothing to rein him in because the judge had made him Manager.

    Anyway ,back to 2016, it is when the Canadians showed up in Mexico for their “visitation”. This is when the Tiajuana Bishop had it dumped on his hands ; he found himself given a denunciation made against The Trinitarians of Mary; this because of their inadvertent association with a fraud case,a money transfer, and a corrupt judicial process with an active FBI investigation.

    While the donors innocence was readily knowable , Bishop Kicanas , by his silence, has allowed gossip and allegations by innuendo to linger. To this day he has done nothing to resolve the the unjust confiscation of the monestary by the Church. This is because the donor of money transfer is traditional, AND had exposed him to Cardinal Levada and Benedict ( Kicanas took no action against knowable abusive priests).

    So, Kicanas involvement with Strickland is tied to the past. Now he is slowly being exposed publicly just as all the controversy surrounding the synod on synodality reach a fever pitch . Kicanas has then accepted the task to “take down” a fellow good Bishop; go after Strickland, as Kicanas has done, in context, can be understood as an effort to deflect from his bad past and at the same time deflect any scrutiny away from past Church scandals, bad priests and bad bishops . The “strategery” , as George Bush would say, is to shift the spotlight onto a blameless scapegoat .

    That’s my take. You might be able to get confirmation by asking The Trinitarians of Mary, but they tend to keep quiet while they wait for prayers to be answered.

    Blessings, Raphael. ( aka Dr.Scott )

    1. [ all emphases mine ]

      Dr. Scott:

      Bishop Kicanas suggests an extension to his
      name: “Chicanery”. At lests, he lives it!

      Anthony is fortunate to have you along as
      “local historian”.

      What more “non-biodegradable” garbage floats
      just beneath the “calm Texas sea”? Bishop
      Strickland is surely “Star of the Sea” . . shining
      ABOVE IT, very much within the Rays of his
      Heavenly Mother, Mary.

      It seems Christ has permitted Satan be let loose
      to attack ALL legitimate authority, GLOBALLY.

      To what end? . . to let Tertullian’s “dough” [ ‘we
      multiply when you reap us. THE BLOOD OF
      CHRISTIANS IS SEED ‘ ] rise to a FULL “Loaf”
      i.e. a “FRESH loaf” of the Bread of Heaven.

      From Bishop Strickland’s friend’s letter: ” . . The
      Synod has gathered COWARDS IN ROME, those
      who not only refuse to die for our Lord and His
      Church, but indeed demand that His eternal truths
      be [ struck from the Book of the Church’s Sacred
      Deposit of Faith ]. AND IF YOU PLAY NICELY with
      these [guys], then you MOCK the martyrs. And
      although playing nicely might ensure you are not
      removed . . . YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED to die.”

      Seems to this Prairie Grandpa that a doubling-
      down on Reparation, Prayer, and Fasting is in
      order . . Eucharistic Adoration.

      Meanwhile, we —out in the boonies —are more
      than grateful for Anthony and local Historians
      to give us authentic REASONS to embrace
      penitential ACTION for the sake of Holy Mother
      Church . . so unrecognizably fallen on the stoney
      street of her RE-play of the Way of the Cross.

    2. . . . “ ‘Catholics’ from Canada”

      Embarrassment and hang-my-head shame for
      the Canadian Hierarchy . . who seem complicit
       —because SILENT on —Francis’ dictatorial

      Not AT ALL in the tradition of Canadian “smarts,
      daring, and bravery . . AND courtesy! ” shown
      by the men and women just celebrated on Nov. 11.
      [ 99-year-old Canadian WW II pilot recalls D-Day . . ]

      1. Prairie Grandpa , What a video !!!
        Awesome. It defines courage and perseverance!!!

        1. I was able to share with my Spiritual advisor, Father Friel, Captain United States Navy , Chaplain Catholic Church for US Government , please pray for all of us .

          1. Thanks for sharing, Dr. Scott. Looks like you’ve
            GOT “a firm foundation”, set for whatever comes.

        2. Well, se shore need more of that these days
          . . . to be found in faithful daily prayer and
          the Sacraments, for starters.

        3. We’ve been waiting for plenty more of that
          these several decades! . . to found in faithful
          daily prayer and the Sacraments . . for


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