The FBI Got Caught Spying On A Catholic Parish, The Bishop Is Silent

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Is it because he’s a protégé of Ted McCarrick?





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4 thoughts on “The FBI Got Caught Spying On A Catholic Parish, The Bishop Is Silent

  1. This chapel in question is SSPX and was opened opportunistically during the Covid lockdowns.
    The Catholic Parish in this area, under the authority of Bishop Burbridge of Arlington, is St. John the Baptist, which has a daily 7 AM TLM as well as a 10:30 AM Sunday Missa cantata that has been moved to a private Catholic high school due to Traditiones custodes. An FSSP priest has been named as Chaplain of the parish’s TLM community.
    Having deeply divided the TLM community in a truly remarkable parish, the SSPX is now fundraising to erect a larger building.
    They really should concentrate on regularizing their status rather than creating rifts in highly functional parishes.

  2. Yes, Linden is under Arlington VA… Bishop Burbidge who suppressed Traditional Latin Masses last year. One thing to note about the Linden location (note I have my tinfoil hat on) is that it would be easy to drive in and out without many witnesses. Lots of trees and more remote location. If FBI wanted to spy, that would be a good location. Many TLMs are in Churches in cities or towns where more people could spot them.

    1. Please provide the link you mentioned in your video about Catholic Family News and the documented statements from Vatican regarding SSPX.


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