3 thoughts on “The Fatima Miracles and Pius XII

  1. Very good. I have never before heard the information conveyed in this broadcast. Thank you.

    The question of whether or not Pius XII should have consecrated Russia in the way Our Lady suggested is worth pondering. The fact that he saw the miracle could be taken as a sign he should have. On the other hand I have been under the impression that the consecration was to be done in 1960. Or was the request that it was to be done no later than 1960? If the latter I would speculate that Pius XII should have done the consecration. If he had done so we very well might be better off than we are today.

    Where we are today is a world in chaos and the Church a mere wraith of its former self due to the catastrophe of Vatican II exacerbated by all the weak Popes who followed Pius XII.

    1. No. The last secret was to be opened in 1960. The consecration was to be ASAP.


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