The Faith Is In Full Collapse

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The statistics speak for themselves. Mass attendance in the heart of old Christendom is at near zero, and the basics of the faith aren’t even understood anymore by the few who still go to Mass.




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5 thoughts on “The Faith Is In Full Collapse

  1. The Faith of Our Fathers can never be acquired even by assiduous attendance at the Nullus Ordo prayer service put in place of the Holy Sacrifice. The recipients ARE catechized, by the masterpiece of mischief, the “Mass” of Papa Montini. Even while I believed in the Real Presence for more than 30 years, going into what seemed to be the Catholic Church in 1990, it wasn’t until two years ago, watching episode #24 of the SSPX “Crisis in the Church” series that I learned that the Mass ATONES for sin, is not simply a re-presentation of the atoning sacrifice. It also made clear that an entirely FALSE THEOLOGY was the very essence of the Prayer Service of Paul VI.

  2. Our Lady of LaSallette told the children that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist”,
    We are seeing this prophecy unfold before our eyes.
    Rome HAS lost the Faith, in the person of Francis.
    The Antichrist will follow in God’s time.

  3. I clearly recall reading of Malcolm Muggerige being at the
    bedside of Bishop Sheen —NINETEEN SEVENTY-NINE —
    and recording what Fulton Sheen said: “Christendom is
    finished; but CHRIST IS NOT !”

    So, realistically, Prairie Grandpa Bob here cannot grasp
    when some —in this digital, POST-print, POST-just-radio
    age — still conceive of the Catholic Church [ and all
    40,000 “Christian” denominations ] as “Christendom”.

    That pre-Protestant age —when the Church and its
    derivative Society was still held together by the Gospel’s
    CATHOLIC ferment —is no more!

    The digitized world —suddenly a VILLAGE! —is awaiting
    a RE-unification through Gospel principles, through the
    Catholic Genius and Evangelical “Ferment”.

    And that can’t even begin to happen until Global abominations
     —i.e., Contraception, Abortion, Pornography, Child trafficking,
    Homosexuality, Marxist Atheism, Freemasonry — have all
    been confronted, grappled with, and EFFECTIVELY killed
    through International Law.

    The Sound Of Freedom star and spokesman, Jim Caviezel,
    [ quietly! . . mentions, almost as an aside! ] that A L L the
    Churches —both the Western and the Eastern Orthodox —
    HAVE GOT TO simultaneously fight together to eradicate
    these diabolical scourges.

    Meanwhile, we DO have the Rosary! . . shepherd boy
    David’s “stone” with which to kill this present-day

  4. @3:10 ff ” . . the Faith is in free fall”.

    Does that mean God the Blessed Trinity is in
    “free fall”, or the Sacred Deposit if Faith, or
    Christ’s Real Presence [ wherever consecrated
    Hosts are housed in Tabernacles ] ?

    Certainly not Jesus, nor His Sacred Heart, nor
    the Immaculate Heart of Mary, nor their promises.

    Only the MEANS of PASSING ON the Faith are in
    “free fall” . . Catechesis [ “We haven’t catechized in
    over 50 years” according to one North American
    Bishop ], HOLY lives [ Sr. Lancaster of Missouri,
    found incorrupt ], still remain a powerful potential
    for RE-Christianization a people . . YOUTH . .
    lifelines to SANCTIFICATION.

    Ever since Pentecost, God has raised up Saints to
    found, restore, and maintain a living Faith through
    the Fire of the Holy Spirit . . the Apostles, St.
    Athanasius, St. Peter Canisius, St. Francis de Sales,
    St. Charles Borromeo, St. Pius X . .

    Are we worthy to merit the Holy Spirit raising up
    new Saints for TODAY ? Nobody except Our Lady
    is ! And yet at every Mass the Church, through
    the Priest, prays [Liturgy of the Eucharist ] :” . .
    To us also, who, though sinners, hope in your
    abundant mercies, graciously grant some share
    and fellowship [ with your holy Apostles and
    Martyrs ] . . NOT WEIGHING OUR MERITS,

    From Pope Francis’ RESPONSE to young people
    and World Youth Day [ cf. Salvatore Cernuzio, Vatican
    News, July 25, 2023 ] is at best strictly humanistic,
    “protestant”, even Palagian. No reference to the
    CHURCH [ Jesus the Divine Head; the Sacraments ]
    as Source of TRUE Hope, i.e., beyond merely
    NATURAL [ hopeLESS ] struggles of day-to-day
    living if there is NO Faith in peopel.

    Where is Francis’ sharing the Church’s treasure
    of 15-year-old Carlo Acutis ?? . . died of cancer, but
    knew the language of the internet inside out,
    backwards, and forwards, and WHO’S SOUL WAS
    who collected [ using the internet ] historical
    evidence for EVERY Eucharistic Miracle recorded
    since the Last Supper !

    Atheistic Globalists today are stone-blind to these
    Divine Sparks carrying forward the Life of the
    Church even up to today.

    Francis! . . wassamattaforyou, huh ?????

    Young people ARE “young” because . . well, they
    haven’t LIVED long enough. They have yet to
    garner WISDOM, not to mention SACRA SAPIENTIA,
    HOLY Wisdom. Yet how QUICKLY and impressively
    for Carlo Acutis !!

    So, BISHOPS! . . start Catechizing! Live HOLY lives!

    Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for our young people !

    1. Post script: “”Christendom is finished; BUT CHRIST IS NOT !”
      —Bishop Fulton Sheen on his death bed, 1979, to reporter
      Malcolm Muggeridge.


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