The Excommunication Of An Anonymous Priest

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What happens when someone dives too deeply into the Crisis In The Church without guidance? It happened to one priest.


The Indwelling Of The Holy Trinity: Trinity Sunday Homily Of Fr John Hardon, SJ Return To Tradition

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5 thoughts on “The Excommunication Of An Anonymous Priest

  1. Anthony treated this issue very well indeed. I want to second his position (and Michael Matt’s) that inter-Traditionalist battles serve no one but the Modernists. “Uniting the clans” (Michael Matt’s phrase) is a necessity under the current Vatican pogrom/purge. That many of the bishops of the visible institution of Catholic Church have lost the faith is undeniable given their willingness to close churches and suspend the Sacraments while their flocks are (as we are given to believe) in immanent risk of death and therefore (from any legitimate Catholic perspective) MOST in need of Sacraments. One does not have to believe that the visible institution of the Catholic Church has “defected” to acknowledge the facts before one’s eyes. Large numbers of faithless bishops together with a Pope who openly contradicts even his immediate predecessors (let alone his remote predecessors) leaves all Traditionalists of any stripe in a quandary. Please don’t perseverate over Thuc bishops, etc. etc. The “tu quoque” fallacy is real. Anyone who professes the faith of our grandparents undiluted is more Catholic (and to the extent he possesses Holy Orders, the exercise of those Holy Orders are more faithful to Our Lord) than virtually any diocesan priest you might come across. I personally don’t believe that Sedevacantism is a necessary theological or practical conclusion stemming from the current state of affairs, but I DO believe that my fellow Catholics who hold that view have an accurate ASSESSMENT of the current state of affairs.

  2. It is thoroughly tragic that this young priest has allowed himself to be so readily tempted by a misguided, even superficial understanding of “indefectibility.” The greatest penance known to man is the “silence” of God; not being willing to move carefully, patiently w/ grace so to obtain by prayer & sacrifice what is heaven’s explicit plan for the healing of the morass, viz., the Collegial Consecration of Russia, catapults many vulnerable souls into a darkness from which vain persistence can make difficult to escape. How many Masses & Rosaries might it take to rescue Father from an understandably scandalized, but nonetheless, schismatic movement? One cannot help wondering just how long he had been contemplating resigning from his diocese of incardination. Charity for his conversion begins here today.

  3. Prayers for this priest. He’s going from something that he finds questionable to another thing that is equally questionable, if not more so.

    For those who want to know some of the background, from someone who is old enough to know and has some familiarity, having followed this for decades, here are the Cliff Notes.

    This priest is apparently going to study under Father Sanborn in Florida, who claims to be a bishop.

    The first time I ever met Father Sanborn was in the 1970s when he came to my area to offer Mass. Father had been ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre for the SSPX. He was expelled from the SSPX in the famous “Northeast Nine” episode for adopting sedevacantism.

    Father Sanborn, Father Cekada, and others eventually aligned themselves with Father McKenna, whose alleged episcopal consecration is from Father Michel Guerard des Lauriers, whose alleged episcopal consecration is from none other than the Vietnamese archbishop Thuc, who at one time was involved with the alleged apparitions at Palmar de Troya, Spain, which went off the rails almost immediately, ending in a new pope and eventually a new church: Clemente Dominguez y Gomez of the Palmarian Church, who eventually lost both eyes and was blind as a result.

    Father Sanborn doubted the validity of the Thuc consecrations, and so did Father Cekada (RIP). They later changed their minds, and the reason is obvious to any objective person: Without a valid bishop, their movement would die within one generation.

    So they changed their minds after “studying” the situation, spending, as Father Cekada stated, over one thousand hours doing so, but without any firsthand knowledge whatsoever.

    On the basis of a few photographs (with captions, as Father C said, as if captions proved anything whatsoever!) and the sworn statements of a handful of people who claimed to be present, along with other questionable evidence from people that Fathers Sanborn and Cekada don’t even consider to be validly consecrated (e.g., Joseph Ratzinger), they flipped and came to the conclusion that the consecrations were valid.

    But they have absolutely no way of knowing whether that’s true.

    The alleged episcopal consecrations of Michel Guerard des Lauriers and Moises Carmona Rivera are not provable by anyone this side of Heaven, and the alleged evidence comes from a mere handful of people, so this priest needs to understand what he is doing.

    He apparently no longer believes that he is a priest because he is doubtful about his ordination, but he is going to seek ordination from someone whose episcopal consecration is itself doubtful. In fact, years ago, Father Sanborn would never have done what this priest is now doing because Father Sanborn himself questioned whether the “Thuc line” was valid.

    So, in other words, what this priest is doing is merely exchanging one doubtful situation for another doubtful situation. If he is unaware, someone needs to tell him the full history involved here.

  4. What a wonderful Pope in John Paul 2 we had ! He kept the church in its Truth and both Jesus and Mary in messages to mystics lauded this Pope especially to two Irish sisters in 1995. Jesus used to give these sisters messages on the unborn and stress on the grave sin of abortion

    He also gave them a prayer to sprinkle holy water and baptise the unborn one girl and one boy giving them a name. I say this prayer daily.

    In this messages where both Jesus and Our Blessed Mother stress how Pope John Paul 2 is carrying out his duties sincerely, Jesus says ” Do not wait to see the deplorable sight of him who is not of me take his place ”

    Well as prophesied he is here and slowly Catholics are beginning to understand that he is the false prophet of the book of Revelations.

    I have been advising that in these Last Times we stick o time tested church teachings and doctrines and not to accept any new doctrine or deletion of valid doctrines.

    Just cannot believe John Paul 2 is not a valid Pope !

    St Malachy has clearly given the list of Popes from first to Last. Tan books has the booklet and its also on the internet. As per this saint who was gifted with prophecy the final Pope of the Catholic church is Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman.
    Jesus in a message to a mystic confirms this recently.

    This Pope Peter will lead the remnant faithful church in those apocalyptic times of the Greater Tribulation when Christians will be martyred for their faith just like the early Christians persecuted by the Roman Empire and in his reign the city of seven hills will be destroyed in the general destruction. The End. …….Whew !

  5. I a, 83 years old retired specialist paediatrician and I fully agree and sympathize with Father Michael De Saye. It is disappointing but truly after Pope Pius XII he subsequent popes are apes . As a doctor, Vatican II was confusing and misleading. To be true to myself and follow the church teaching with the TLM I changed my training as a doctor and country. I pity poor Fr De Saye but for sure his reward will be great in heaven. I pray for these happily appearing joyous shepherds who are not doing their duty, No wonder, somewhere I have read that one will be surprised to see how many princes of the church are in hell..

    Religious vocation is suffering because of them, My own son is an example of what their scandalous ways are putting off lots of good young men.


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