The Enemies Of Christ Are Coming For The Seal Of Confession

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Because of course they are. They’ve been trying for years.




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5 thoughts on “The Enemies Of Christ Are Coming For The Seal Of Confession

  1. Foot in the door. As laudable as it sounds “to protect children” by trying to breach confidentiality on child abuse in confession, it is always thus. It ALWAYS starts with some variation of “but think of the children!” Once that crack is opened, it is but a small thing to broaden the “tiny” breach a bit more for this or that laudable reason. Pick, pick, pick until the confession is just a part of the criminal justice (and government control) system. There really is a slippery slope and we in the West have been skidding down that slope with greater and greater velocity these last 30 or so years. There must be absolutely no breach of the confessional. Not even the slightest minute sliver.

  2. Thanks, Anthony, for this realistic perspective,
    detailing actual States involved, naming the anti-Catholic/
    anti-First Amendment Democrats, as well as Bishops
    and Priests defending the Church and “the Seal”.

    Aren’t there any real Catholic Democrats who defended
    “the Seal”, potentially preventing the drawing up
    these Bills? ARE there ANY RC Dems in the party
    at all ?? [ . . couldn’t last in such a Marxified Party
    anyhow without REALLY fighting back! ]

    Can’t take ANYTHING for granted any more, for sure
    not the VITAL particulars of the Faith, let alone everything
    contained and guarded in the Deposit of the Faith.

    Best to LIVE the Faith, the Sacramental Life, so as
    to “grow” the Virtues needed for Spiritual, Moral, and
    Civil combat in current Ecclesial and Civil confusion.

    “St. Joseph, my father and my guardian . . . through your
    intercession with Jesus, grant me a spirit of sacrifice,
    of humility, of self-denial, and an intimate love for Jesus
    in the Blessed Sacrament. A pure and intimate love for
    Mary, our Mother, protect and guard in me.”

    Let the winnowing of the Faithful continue.

    Let us pray for the grace NOT to betray !! . . should
    such a moments arrive . . and they have !

  3. I suspect that such legislative initiatives are more for political theater than anything else. I have made it a point often to ask priests not to bring their smart phones or tablets into the confessional, because the remote access that third parties–often coordinating with unlawful government surveillance of private citizens–already represent a clear and present danger to the integrity of the Seal of Confession.

  4. Good Morning Anthony,

    This is spectacular !! When one political party has an agenda to be “good cop” while
    at same time advocates protections for pornography producers and anything goes entertainment industry all becomes laughable.

    AND , since the Trojan Horse issue is to protect the kiddies from the Church, it should be recalled who are the biggest group of abusers . It is a crime of opportunity most often perpetrated by parents, guardians , care givers, house guests, neighbors, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents . In other words “us”.

    The church abusers are almost entirely homo’s ( “us” ) who were given the green light lane to seminaries by lavender Bishops who presumably have/had a sexual attraction for adult men and not kids. Point being , before being priests they were just like “us” in all things except sin ( their conscience must inform them that sexual deviancy is not a sin ? )

    Anyway, the abusive behaviors of these legislators should looked at !! My recollection, there are many “Lewenski” problems in public representation for the pro choice party to reflect upon .

    Blessings, Raphael

  5. As long as Francis remains in the chair of St. Peter, this will be, in my opinion, an ongoing issue because Francis is a member of the sodomite community and is its most rabid supporter. He has the support of those both within and outside both the Catholic clergy and the laity. Do I agree w/allowing this to be placed in the hands of civil authority? No, I do not for obvious reasons. As Fr. Malachi Martin stated at the onset of V2: “God has withdrawn His Grace”. The Counciliar church has not been in the state of Grace since V2 as the bad fruits of this tragedy remains.


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