The End of Summorum Pontificum and the Latin Mass?

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Reports are coming out of Rome that Benedict XVI’s landmark motu proprio is going to be revoked shortly. What does that mean?




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2 thoughts on “The End of Summorum Pontificum and the Latin Mass?

  1. While in some respects, our situation growns ever closer to that of the English and Irish Catholics of old, who could but cling to the necessary means of salvation with the assistance of “underground” priests, neither Abp Vigano nor any other prelate can legitimately lead, save by encouragement, an “underground” Church: the Keys were delivered to Peter and no one may wrest them from the Apostle’s successor. This is why Abp Lefebvre’s decision over 30 yrs ago was so temerous, despite its being quite, humanly speaking, understandable. The real question on our hands is who, in fact, is Supreme Pontiff?

    Why solid canonical arguments against the validity of the ’13 abdication are largely ignored even by those for whom a faithful paradosis is a paramount good is difficult to say; the fact remains that until he renounce the office — something he has not done thus far — Benedict XVI remains the true pope. It is his death, not the machanations of “Pachapapa” which will prove so significant when that appointed day should arrive — whether Ratzinger outlive the other man sporting white or not. In the interim, it is tantamount to blasphemy to defend a Bergolian papacy in view of what we have so painfully witnessed over the last 7.5 years: to do so is to attribute its fruits as the harvest of Christ’s prayers for Peter — by no means a happy conclusion.

    Hence, no matter what shenanigans the Argentinian Jesuit may pull in colusion with his henchmen hither and yon, with respect to the Petrine Chair, we must continue to pray not simply for Benedict but likewise for his successor, whom Christ will send us at the hour upon which He has already chosen to intervene.

    Mary, Prophetess of Fatima, o.p.n.

  2. All signs in the Church now point towards the establishment of formal Underground Catholic Church as the spirit of apostasy continues to grip the official Catholic Church.

    We already have a potential leader of the Underground Church in the person of Archbishop Vigano. Let us pray for him that he has the courage, wisdom and prudence to continue to do what needs to be done in line with God’s Will.


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