2 thoughts on ““The Church Is Ruled By Tyrants!” Persecuted Nuns Speak Out

  1. Dear Anthony,

    Thank You 🙏. That was a beautiful letter written with His Truth and His Clarity.
    It is a call to all men of good conscience to rally behind their sisters in Christ . My opinion , as lay , it is our responsibility to take care of “them” as if our Mother or sister (s) .

    Please know, that letter was so well spoken, and written with content known throughout His Church – it is a plea on behalf of The Holy Spirt that we “awaken” and be attentive to the needs of these Holy Nuns and those like this Order in Italy.

    I know Mother Lillie, foundress of Trinitarians if Mary ( Tecate , Mex , Guadalajara, Amex , San Diego , CA , Los Angeles CA, and Grand Rspids , MI ) . The words written in the letter you read could just have easily have been written by Mother Lillie ( VERY HOLY HUMBLE, and I would be surprised if she ever released a letter like that which you read ) .

    All that to say , it’s our responsibility to speak out , help out , chip in , and “protest” the treatment of those whom we love . I invite you to join me , I donate myself , to advocate for the cause of the Trinitarians of Mary in The United States and Mexico . They are on “our soil “ and we have an obligation as remnant to speak out for them and advocate for them. I know there are so many which would rise to add their voice with ours if given an established platform to unite with .

    Call the Trinitarians of Mary ( google them – I have number but initiative must come from “you” . They likely will suggest prayer.
    I suggest public prayer for their cause and Novena’s led by His priests on their behalf .
    It requires some organization. I would start with Dr.Taylor Marshal – when he is behind something he is “all in”.

    Blessings , Raphael ( all in for Christ )

  2. Regarding the Mother Superior’s letter: What a sterling
    Catholic Manifesto of Consecrated Religious Life . .
    standing firm on (also) an obvious attack against
    consecrated Celibacy. How timely Cardinal Sarah &
    Benedict XVI’s book expounding and defending the
    call to Celibacy!

    Yet Satan’s and the Worlds plundering and thievery
    know no bounds.

    @2:30 f ” . . WITHOUT trying to [first] understand . . ”
    seems to be the underlying wolves-crouch-before-
    attacking in every move to CANCEL . . totally
    empty of Christian charity and humanity, and yet
    cue for true neighbours to assist in kindness,
    charity, and material and legal assistance.


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