The Church Is Collapsing & The Bishops Demand That We Be More Synodal

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Is Synodality their new false god?




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4 thoughts on “The Church Is Collapsing & The Bishops Demand That We Be More Synodal

  1. We are in the end times; that is an undeniable reality. Those Catholics who are paying attention and have been paying attention, know this is true. The Chalice of God’s grace is overflowing w/the abominations of what is and has been occurring on a daily basis for quite some time yet the church remains silent. Many have fallen away and few understand why there is silence. We have lost our way and the only way back is through the Cross of our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ. Both the good and the bad will suffer and it isn’t going to be pleasant for anyone. I have to say that unless we stop sinning and come back in earnest to prayer, the Ten Commandments and the Sacrament of Penance, we will perish. Only God has the answer and only Christ is our hope in times of chaos and confusion. Remember what Sr. Lucy said: The world will be saturated in diabolical disorientation. The good will be punished and the bad will be exonerated. In other words nothing will be sane any longer. Evil will prevail and evil can and will cause many to become insane; that is diabolical disorientation. Please listen. Get down on your knees, submit to God’s Will and trust in His Mercy. “What good is it to gain the world and in the process lose your soul? Pray for an increase in faith and ask Him to place you in the palm of His hands; You will never regret it.

  2. Dear Anthony ,

    What is collapsing and what is The Church?

    To preface , I’m self educated and follow the Spirit as best possible ( a sinner committed to common sense ).

    I will propose that The Church is not collapsing, leadership in man’s governance throughout the world is collapsing. Since WWII in united spirit ( the prince of the air with major chair at United Nations ) , has daily extended a reign of imposed atheism and globalization in the name of humanitarianism ( all to be accomplished by administrative communism ).

    The result, all Christians everywhere ( except for Africa and “pockets” ( what Catholics call remnant ) of Holy Spirt Glory in action , must be searched for – they are not allowed to be the shining light on the mountain . Yes , Catholic men, those with administrative titles , have gone for position, status, power , and money ; they are pastoral to the dark side by confusion, lies, PRIDE, ego, self love , lust , gluttony, greed , and envy . They teach “Synodality”
    ( keep your place and keep quiet – do not say anything as it will be disobedient) .

    BUT , unseen , “it” is all collapsing. The demons handiwork will not stand. People have had enough . They have reached the point where the will talk back to their wayward parish priest if the Bishop or superiors don’t do it . The remnant will not follow wolves into hell and will remind everyone that Jesus taught a self chosen hell on earth or eternally.

    My opinion, it’s time to celebrate , proclaim His Glory, look up , marvel upon His Real Presence , and share with everyone His Love and His Awe. The moment of now demands risks , for whoever try’s to save themselves ( by conformity ) will loose their life and whoever gives up their life (surrenders to The Holy Name of Jesus) will gain eternal life.

    It’s end of times . In action we are charged to pray , pray , pray . Create refuge homes. Build home churches . Partner with Holy priests for the reception of Holy Sacraments. AND educate everywhere we go why we do and say as we do – leaders , like anyone can be sinful and curupt ( but also can be so innocently by delusion of devils lies which are believed .

    God Bless, Raphael

  3. By the 40th second, Anthony, you have described, in the
    proverbial “nutshell”, what’s happening to the Church.

    A point of contention @ 3: 11 ff :

    ” . . the unique EXPERIENCE OF Christ in the Sacra-
    ments . . ” ?? NO! “A Sacrament is a Sign, INSTITUTED
    BY CHRIST, to GIVE GRACE.” (Baltimore Catechism)
    . . no matter how receiving it is “experienced” it. For example,
    think of a baby receiving Baptism.

    The Sacraments are objective; “experience” —feelings,
    emotions, mental dispositions —are subjective.

    “A Sign, instituted by Christ” TAKES EFFECT regardless
    of personal feelings of joy, indifference, or ( sadness ?).
    Hopefully, joyful. The Psalms definitively state: “The JOY
    of the LORD is my STRENGTH” !

    Venerable Fulton Sheen, PRAY for your [ and our ] beloved
    IRELAND !! Let’s just remember that the harsh, dogged,
    faceless, ruthless, unsparing DRIVE to cancel the history
    and PERSONAL character of a Nation [or person] is
    MARXIST and DEMONIC by nature!


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