The Church Has Become A “Marketplace Of Heresies,” Warns Good Bishop

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I’m sure the popesplainers will tell you why he’s wrong.




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2 thoughts on “The Church Has Become A “Marketplace Of Heresies,” Warns Good Bishop

  1. St. Charles Borromeo teaches that “Jesus Christ never refuses pardon
    and grace to those who ask for it with a truly contrite and humbled heart.”
    But how can that ever come about given the current Pope and his
    Vatican Politbureau? Charles has it right, ” .. Bergoglio ain’t a practicing
    Catholic”. In fact, a proper analogy might be: the turbulence of a
    mighty, rushing water betrays the fast-approaching roar and
    meteoric, headlong DROP of Niagara Falls!

    So Francis this time ’round picks on the tiniest of Arab Islands to further
    pontificate his Hell-bent nothings! Why, instead, does he not scrap his
    prepared jottings and take note of the well-established traits and values
    of these sea-savvy islanders:”The People of Bahrain remain
    CONSERVATIVE in their life ways. This sentiment —enshrined IN
    is the cornerstone of society, the STRENGTH of which lies in
    religion, ethics, and patriotism'” [Britannica; updated Nov. 7, 2022 ]

    In a fight with unyielding, head-strong Pope Sixtus V (1590) Superior
    General Claudio Acquaviva organized a Novena with his Novices
    to pray that the name “Society of Jesus” would NOT be changed.
    That Pope died on the ninth day! Successor Pope Urban dropped
    the whole idea.

    Acquaviva, having already implemented the rules which Ignatius
    had drawn up concerning Obedience, focused on another point
    of IGNATIAN obedience, namely: “The overall and EXPLICIT
    proviso (which) Ignatius had included in his instruction, was that
    no Superior —whether House superior, Provincial, the Father
    General, OR THE POPE — could validly order a subject to do
    something that was sinful, or to do something lawful in a sinful
    way, or do something lawful in a lawful was for a sinful motive.
    in anyone of these the subject was absolved from obedience.”
    ( The Jesuits, ch. 10)

    What with the “Hurricanes having swept through the City” —
    through the Eternal City from Davos, through a an unrecog-
    nizable Society of Jesus and Vatican, and through a Christless
    Globalized coterie oligarchs —why can’t the Christ-girded
    Layman and Laywoman now live and militantly espouse and
    champion the original Ignatian Obedience? . . NOT to the
    current hi-jackers of “Faith, Family, Freedom, and Nation”,
    but to Christ and His Church.

    Borgoglio is both Jesuit and Pope, but in the mold of Modernist
    aberrations, a galaxy in distance from the framework and
    Divine Mold so carefully and prayerfully formulated by Saint

    So when will Michael Czerny —the highest IQ ever to pass
    through Loyola College in Montreal —and the rest of the
    Francis Cardinals return to their Roots, and set thing in the
    right order set by the Founder, by His Life, Death, and
    Resurrection. Resurrection ?? . . oh yes! It did happen,
    proven IN FAITH by His promised return.

  2. For those that haven’t, download & read Pope Pius X’s encyclical Pascendi Dominici Gregis. Bergoglio ain’t a practicing Catholic. We have been warned! Jesu, via et vita nostra!


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