One thought on “The Church Can And Must Save The World, States Key Cardinal

  1. All war is the consequence of sin. The Angel of God told the 3 Fatima children that if we do not stop sinning, we will experience chastisement. He gave them the way of peace by giving them the prayer of reparation which he told them to say daily. He was very emphatic and the children were obedient. So, reparation and obedience to God are essential. We really don’t need to hear anything else. Were the counciliar popes obedient in this regard? NO, they were not and are not because beginning w/John 23rd we know he was a Rosacrusian Mason, PaulVi was a high ranking Mason as was JP2 who was also a CIA operative. All who are Masons are outside the Church. We will soon be given a Warning from God; if we do not listen and do not change our sinful ways, the Chastisement will occur.


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