The Chief Jesuit Heretic Is Spreading Heresy On The World’s Largest Stage

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Its World Youth Day (week really). Is anyone else made uncomfortable at the idea of prancy-dancy Jesuits hanging out with kids?




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5 thoughts on “The Chief Jesuit Heretic Is Spreading Heresy On The World’s Largest Stage

  1. The claims that young Jesuit seminarians are leaning traditional strain my credulity too far. How could they ever get there, and how could they possibly advance at all, given the totalitarian essence of the deviant order?

  2. What does prairie Grandpa think about all this?
    Well . . first off, yesterday (Jul. 21) was the feast
    of St.Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of
    Jesus. Secondly, Gramps here has been totally
    flummoxed by “Pastor” Martin’s undying
    confidence. Not a glimmer of doubt his Masonic
    convictions. No “second thoughts”.

    But who will MOST “confident” come Judgement
    Day, when time and ideological maneuvering in
    it will be no more, l’il ‘ol Jimmy or his Just Judge?

    Indeed, the Faith is in free-fall [ within the Modernist
    camp ], tossed under the bus, run over, splattered
    against the curb.

    Ventriloquist Frankie seems to have achieved the
    worst, of the worst, of the WORST.

    The Diabolical Sneak !!

  3. Most Loved Anthony,

    โ€œThisโ€ has a most practice, simple , and Christ centered approach . Youth Day for every parish by which parish priests rise to the occasion, with families, and their children . The celebration of salvation as might promote an awareness of His Love to our children . Activities can be what the parents of a parish will ask their priest to participate in. โ€œParental Control โ€œ with priest

    Celebrate ,enjoy , pray , eat , and drink. By all means have fun . Give thanks to God. Praise His Holy Name .Give Praise to The Comfortors help. Embrace the mantle of The Bleesed Mother. Teach youth The Real Presence and instruct youth in The Rosary and Brown Scapular.

    Just sayin.

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

    BTW , worth sharing my prayer withTaylor Marshall ?

    1. Dr. Scott, “this” is what SHOULD BE going on, the IDEAL
      WorldYouthDay, a la St. John Paul II. Very well outlined!
      Thank you for that. I hope “Pastor” Jimmy gets a glimpse
      of it on line . . touch his conscience.

      BUT is it is not what’s actually happening out there in
      Lisboa Land. Quite the misleading humanistic reverse!

      We’d better hone up on what the Church DOES teach,
      the true Catechism, so we can RE-evangelize, RE-
      Catechize these debased “Young People”, should
      we run into them after Jesuitical WYD 2023.

      St. Ignatius Loyola, pray for us and your Society of

      Sts. Aloysius Gonzaga, John Berchmans, Stanislaus
      Kostka, Renรฉ Goupil, John de la Lande, all you
      young Jesuit Saints and Martyrs, pray for our
      Young People.

      Mother Mary, Queen of Sorrow, pray for our Young

      St. Joseph and St. Michael, protectors of Holy
      Mother Church, pray for us.


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